All You Need to Know About the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & My Top Picks

What Exactly Is The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? 

Each year the Nordstrom Anniversary sale perfectly plays out during my birthday week. It’s been something I look forward to shopping year after year and can chalk my purchases up to “birthday buys.” After 10+ years of shopping the sale I have lots of tips and tricks for ya. I’ve gathered up all the info you need in regards to the sale so you easily have it all in one spot.

If you’ve shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before, you know that it’s not a typical sale where only past-season or soon-to-be-discontinued products are marked down. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: Nordstrom discounts tons of new products, current season and about to drop items and discounts them for a limited time before they return to their retail prices after the sale ends. It’s the perfect time to stock up on wardrobe staples, beauty finds, baby items, home finds & more.

Every year they add more and more brands to the sale. There are also some tried & true favorite finds that go on sale each year, only during this particular sale. It really is pretty great.

One of the not so great parts of this sale… things do sell out and they sell out quick. Nordstrom has a wonderful return policy. I suggest purchasing online and doing store pick up or shipping it to your home. You can try everything on and then return what you don’t want and quickly/easily be refunded.

How Do I Shop the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Anyone can shop the sale during general access  but if you want to score early access, you need A Nordstrom Credit Card and/or to be a Nordy Club Member.

Each year I am 100% adamant on stressing that a store credit card IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you are not the type to pay off the card at the end of the month…. this is not a financially wise decision for you and your family. No pair of sale shoes is worth your financial wellbeing! Period. Even as someone that makes a *tiny* commission off of purchases from links I share- I’m still here to tell you… DO NOT do this if it’s not right for you. Another sale will come along. Now that is out of the way….

If you are in a spot where you have a Nordstrom account or a card is a good decision for you-Your cardmember status will be dependent on yearly spend amounts, but all cardmembers automatically start at Influencer status, which means you’ll get an extra four days to shop the sale before it opens to everyone.

For more info on all of that.. find it HERE.

When can I shop the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

They roll out dates depending on your Nordstrom cardmember tier. Key dates below:


July 11 to 16: Icon early access
July 12 to 16: Ambassador early access
July 13 to 16: Influencer early access
July 17 to August 6: General access for all!

You can begin to preview the sale starting on July 3rd. Check out the preview HERE.

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