Cupid doesn’t always work for lovers, sometimes he works for friends. In our case, soul sisters at first sight. We are fans of music, owners of work out clothes, champagne enthusiasts, and, more importantly, fashion addicts. We decided to combine our singular vision: the belief of positive thinking and the simple fact that you can only pull an arrow so far back before it propels forward. Beau & Arrow was derived from that singular vision.

Beau & Arrow styles for the everyday occasion, the soirées, and the red carpet rendezvous. We are stylists who think like artists. Each individual is a fresh canvas for us to express a vision, which allows us to help our clients feel and look their best.
Brittany & Ashley
What We Offer:

Tour Wardrobe & Red Carpet Styling for artists<
Closet Consultation
Wardrobe Styling
Event Styling
Corporate (commercial/video/print)

What We’ve Been Up To:

Drake White Music Video- “Livin’ the Dream”- Wardrobe Styling


Photo Credit: Nick Rau/BMLG

ACM Red Carpet Looks-