Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s so hard balancing a healthy lifestyle in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but I’ve made it a priority to do so and have a few tips on how to make it manageable.

The other day I talked about how hard it is balancing the many hats we wear and maintaining your sanity doing so. One of the main points from that posts is finding what your priorities are and really just focusing on those. If that requires reaching out for help to cross them off the to-do list, then by all means, check the pride at the door and get the help!

Balancing a healthy lifestyle is one of the more important things to me. Don’t get me wrong, I fail at it frequently, but it is something that I try to put high on the priority list. With how busy the day to day craziness is, it’s one of the things I have had to allocate extra help with. There is a meal delivery service in Nashville called Eat Well Nashville, that prepares healthy, ready to eat, meals and delivers them to your door. No grocery shopping, no meal prep, no having to think of recipe ideas. It makes eating healthy so much more achievable. This week we tried the turkey meatloaf, and the no noodle, veggie lasagna. Both were SO good. It was so nice to be able to sit down with Trey when he got home from work at the table and eat a great meal, without all the time and hassle that would typically go into that. I HIGHLY recommend doing this for yourself!

Another part of that being healthy that I really want to be a priority, but I’m not afraid to admit I fail at regularly is working out. It’s not often I have someone to help watch G for me to go to they gym or a workout class. It really takes extra motivation, scheduling, etc. to make that happen. I’ve learned to take the do what you can, when you can approach. BUT, let’ be real having super cute workout clothes does give you that extra bit of motivation. Ellie fitness subscription box. It’s 5 items of workout clothes or gear for $49.95 delivered to your door in an adorable metallic box. For me, it gives me that extra little nudge I need to get myself together and make that a priority. It’s more realistic in my life, to take Georgie for a walk, and do some lunges with the stroller, some calf raises doing my hair, and some planks and a couple of arm weights before bed. I believe just that little bit is much better than nothing at all!

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