Best of Loungewear & Comfy Clothes


Best of Loungewear & Comfy Clothes

Many of us are spending the majority of time in our homes for the next few weeks. Perfect time to upgrade your loungewear & comfy clothes!

If I’m in dressier clothes for too long, Georgie will bring me my comfy pants and say, “here you go mama.” Ha!

The single most comfortable thing in our home is our Barefoot Dream blankets. They are a bit of a splurge, but they are just the greatest! Now is as good as a time as ever to scoop one up! These blankets have such a cult following that one would think they can’t live up to the hype. Honestly, they just do.

Here are some of our favorites:

Looking or the ultimate comfort? Their robe is hands down the coziest thing you will ever put on your body. You can check it out HERE.

** If you are looking forward to getting out and about this spring/summer when this whole scare passes, you can find lots of great spring staple pieces in this blog post HERE. **

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