Fur for the win

fur collar leather jacket




Boots | Grey Jeans | Boyfriend T-Shirts | Exact Jacket is “Love Token” brand Hemline-Nashville VERY similar jacket

Ok, I will admit that it was 90 degrees when we shot this look. I am just so ready for fall I couldn’t help myself! I snagged this fur leather jacket at Hemline in Nashville. The makes such a statement, but it is also removable if you need a less dramatic look.

So lately I have been in a little bit of a rut adjusting to stay at home mom life. I spend my whole day catering to Georgie’s needs and typically forget about my own. This will always be my first priority, but at the end of the day I don’t feel like I have accomplished much else. We do travel and get out and “go” a lot as a family. However, in my normal weekday routine, I’m finding myself struggling.

When Trey comes home from work, he has so many things he was able to check off his to do list and I am left with little to talk about besides Georgie’s nap schedule. I end up using the excuse; “there just aren’t enough hours in the day.” Is that really the problem? Probably not. I think lack of direction, not lack of hours, has been the culprit of my rut.

BUT. I am ready to change this! Who is with me?! My mother has always been the queen of to-do lists. She keeps a big binder with pages of her to-do list and then thoughts for the day. A whole years’  worth may be extreme, but the idea is great. Careful thought, planning and direction lead to productivity.

I’m determined to spend more time accomplishing my own goals and dreams AND be a tending mother. Today I utilized his nap times to get laundry done and some housework AND send out emails and blog. Small start, but still a start.

Anyway, just a little food for thought. Fall is right around the corner! My next few blog posts will be dedicated to the basics you need to get you through this glorious season!

I am all about some great denim. Jackets and denim are both something I will let myself splurge on. I can justify it, because I wear them so much that the cost per wear is reasonable. (This is normal, right?) I loved these grey jeans because they are a great basic color that is still neutral, but gives a little bit of a pop. I paired it with an easy boyfriend t-shirt and these over the knee boots. (Under $100.)

Hope everyone has a great week with lots of things checked off the to-do list! 😉






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