Hair 101 with Celebrity Hair Stylist Marissa Martin

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Hair 101 with Celebrity Hair Stylist Marissa Martin

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At the beginning of this year I shared with you my resolution to live a more intentional life. (You can check that post out HERE.) Being more intentional about what I wanted the branding of Beaus & Ashley to be was very important in that. I’d love it to be a more communal space with references on everything you could need in beauty, fashion, home decor, healthy living, mom life, positive living, etc. An approachable way at living a luxurious and happy life (realistically). With that came delegating out areas to the PROS. I’m excited to start this series of bringing on guests that are at the TOP of their field, and picking their brains to share their knowledge with ya’ll!

With that being said…. first up is the hair queen herself, Marissa Martin!

Ok ya’ll I am EXTRA excited Marissa generously agreed to share her wealth of knowledge on hair color, products, tools, and so much more. She’s the genius behind the color of Carrie Underwood and  Jessie James Decker. (Amongst countless other celebs..) I thank my lucky stars she squeezes me into her books at Parlour 3 and she has transformed my hair.



Ok this one is tough, because it is such a case by case basis.

BLONDES- First off, blonde is YELLOW. Toners always fade. Something that can help to uphold your blonde is a filter in your shower. Besides that, smoking, self tanner, excessive product build up and air pollution will all dull out your color.

You can use a purple shampoo. BUT…  a purple shampoo is just getting rid of the yellow. A common misconception is that it makes it “brighter” and that’s not the case. It just ones down yellow undertones.

BRASSINESS- (This was one of the most asked questions..) This applies to red heads, brunettes, or blondes. To combat brassiness you can tone once a week with a purple conditioner, put a filter on your shower, and make sure your stylist is lightening light enough in your appointments. Note… if they can tell that your hair can not handle going that light, make sure to respect their professional opinion. Breakage and fall out is not cute. If a brunette has balayage pieces or highlights they could use purple shampoo to tone down the yellow. If a brunette doesn’t like their version of brassiness (which is orange.)



The frequency in which you need to cut your hair is another one of those case by case scenarios. If you are trying to grow your hair out you don’t necessarily need to cut each visit. This is dependent on products used and heat usage in between appointments. If you are using heat daily, yes you will need to cut each time.


You know those directions on the back of the bottle where it says rinse, rather, REPEAT? Yeah, really do that. Shampoo twice. Especially if you go more than a day in between a shampoo and  if you use products. The first one will cleanse your scalp (get in there and scrub) and the second one will provide the “benefits”. The protein, moisture, etc.

Don’t use a handful of shampoo. It takes so much less than you think. It’s dependent on the amount of hair you have, but most people can get away with a nickel size each time. (All the more reason to invest in good quality hair products…. they will last much longer than you think when using the right amount!)

When you are conditioning your hair put it into a ponytail with your hands. Only the ponytail and down should have the product on it.

When brushing your hair (which you should daily) make sure to go from the bottom to the top.


Marissa’s Favorites

Shampoo: Kerastase Force Architecte

Conditioner: Kerastase Force Architecte

Purple Shampoo: Redkin Purple Extend Blondage

Dry Shampoo: Oribe Dry Shampoo

Texturizing Spray: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Heat Protectant Spray: Redkin Iron Shape 11

Gloss Shine: Kerastase Oleo Relax

Detangler: Oribe Run Through Detangler

Wave Spray: Oribe Wave & Spray

Hair Spray: Oribe Freestyler Working Hairspray

First off, when you are purchasing products be careful where you buy. If you see a great deal on Amazon, it’s probably too good to be true. They can be expired products or fake products. Make sure you are purchasing from a verified vendor.


*Purple shampoo should only be used once a week. (Max.)

*Dry shampoo should be sprayed and then let to set for a minute. Then you can comb it through.

*Always use a heat protectant prior to using any heat tools on your hair.

*A wave spray is a quick and easy way to style your hair. Spray it all over (let set) and sprung though the hair. It gives hair that shiny pieceness.

*When it comes to styling, products are the most important part. Don’t skip them! The type of product that you need will depend on your hair texture.


Marissa’s Favorites

Blowdryer: Dyson Blowdryer

(A splurge, but worth the investment. There is a reason it won the Allure Beauty award!)

Curling Iron: Hot Tools 1 inch & Hot Tools 1 1/4 Inch 

Flat Iron: Sam Villa Straightener

Hair Brush: Wet Brush

Tips on Tools

*How often can you use heat tools? Never. HA! No, but really, use them as little as possible.

*ALWAYS use a heat protectant.

*Use a brush to assist in blowdrying your hair. (Don’t do the ole head flip, ladies…)




  1. Magic doesn’t happen in an hour. Let your stylist take the appropriate time it takes to create the hair of your dreams! Sometimes it will take more than a single appointment to get the correct color you are trying to achieve.
  2. Magic doesn’t happen for $100. Great colors take time. Great colors take multiple techniques and processes, major thinking and an education. Don’t under value that!
  3. Filters don’t exist in the real world…. if you’ve seen a picture that has a filter on it, it’s just not realistic.
  4. Use pictures for inspiration, but focus on finding pictures of people who look like you. If you go in and ask for Jessie James Decker hair, but you are a natural blonde with blue eyes…… it’s not going to have the same end result.
  5. When looking for a hair stylist, go by pictures of their past work. Lots of hairstylist have IG accounts or representation of their work on social media.
    ** P.S. You can follow Marissa on IG HERE.














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