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Shimmer body oil | SPF 45 Sunscreen

One thing I think most people forget when they are heading out on a mountain vacation is sunscreen! You think of it when you head to the beach, but not to the mountains. The light reflecting off of the snow is quite bright and it’s vital to take care of your skin. I used to be the worst about skin care, so I really feel like I need to be on top of it these days! Barney’s carries an organic mineral based sunscreen line that I absolutely love! I prepped for my mountain trip with their exotic shimmer body oil to give myself a healthy bronze for all my vaca pictures, and have my skin moisturized and soft. MOST important I packed the SPF 45 sunscreen to protect myself from sun damage. I’m so excited to spend some time with my husband’s family in Colorado and get lots of R&R before the baby comes. They will all be skiing up a storm, so I plan to spa, shop, and just breathe in the mountain air. Lots of pictures to come!



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