Summer Glamping Trip

tennessee glamping

We took a much needed screen-free trip to Center Hill Lake to “glamp” in a dome. 10/10 recommend! It was truly the sweetest experience and core family memories were made.

You can book directly from the Tennessee Glamping website HERE. Dome four at Center Hill Lake was the exact one we stayed in.

The dome was air conditioned, had a toilet and large shower, a king bed, a pullout couch, a microwave, sink & a grill. It was very comfortable. The outside had a large deck, a solo stove, a grill and a hot tub. (The hot tub was the star of the show for our kids!)

We went about a mile down the road and swam in the lake at a beach area and fished. It was located close to a marina as well.

A couple things that were hits with the kids:

– Oreo S’more (You just open up the Oreo and put the marshmallow/chocolate in between.) HUGE hit with the boys!

– A glow dance party! We brought a bunch of glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, etc. We played some music and had a family dance party.

– Fishing… we used a tangle free kid rod. They LOVED it!

– Magnifying Glasses- The kids could check out the bugs, leaves, etc. Kept them entertained for a long time.

– Movie Projector- we brought a little projector to watch a movie on the ceiling of the dome.
We had the boys cuddle up in their sleeping bags and put them on the top of the pull out bed.

The property we stayed on had an incredible view, but it is VERY high up with a steep drop off. We had to keep our eyes on the baby at ALL times. Just an FYI!

Our family can’t wait to go back when the leaves change this fall for another little retreat. It felt magical!

Things We Loved Having:

Trey’s Western Cowboy Camp Breakfast Scramble Recipe-

** We prepped this all before we left and just popped it on the grill when we got there. With the eggs we wanted to make it right before we left & kept it refrigerated the night before. **

* 1 pack of 30 oz. of frozen shredded hash browns
* 1/2 on of diced ham – we used deli
* Dice 1 large bell pepper
* 2 -3 cups of shredded cheddar cheese, i like Philadelphia melted kind
* 8 eggs
* 1/4 cup of milk
* 1 tsp. of onion powder
* 1 tsp. Garlic powder
* Couple of dashes of hot sauce
* Salt and pepper to taste
* Top it with some parsley (optional)

** Mix it all in bowl, wrap with tin foil.
Put on grill at or around 400 degrees 30 – 40 min covered.
Take off foil, cook another 30-40 uncovered.

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