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10 Spring Activities To Do As A Family & Mommy & Me Matching Outfits

10 Spring Activities To Do As A Family & Mommy & Me Matching Outfits

spring activities to do as a family

spring activities to do as a family

spring activities to do as a family

spring activities to do as a family

nashville blogger

nashville blogger

spring activities to do as a family

We are absolutely loving the spring weather! It’s important to us to spend lots of family time together creating memories. We are always out so I’v compiled a list of ideas for fun spring activities to do as a family.

While you are out and about.. here are some adorable little spring outfits too. (I just can’t help myself when it comes to matching them…)

The Mommy & Me Matching Outfits

You can shop my denim jacket HERE. I’ve had so many denim jackets in my day, and this is far superior to any other one. It is the perfect amount of distressing, so insanely soft and the company that makes it is charity based with an amazing mission.

The boys denim jackets were $20 and perfect for spring! You can shop those HERE. I am loving this baby Levi’s trucker style baby denim jacket too. It’s currently on sale for $33 HERE.

On The Babes:

On Me:

10 Spring Activities To Do As A Family

1. Pick flowers or hit up a flower truck/flower shop and bring some spring blooms home.

2. Sidewalk chalk.

3. Build a bonfire outside for s’mores.

4. Go for a hike.

5. Go to the playground.

6. Go to the farmer’s market.

7. Throw on some rain boots and jump in muddy puddles.

8. Blow bubbles. Even better, get a bubble machine and let the kids go wild. We have this one HERE.

9. Go for a picnic. (Could make it extra fun and do a desserts only picnic…)

10. Build a fort outside.


Spring Family Activities

family spring activities

Spring Family Activities

spring family activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

On Me: Floral Button Down Dress

On Boys: Bunny Hoodie

If you are anything like my family, you are ready to get out and about in some spring sunshine! My boys are so much happier when we are outside, and there are so many fun spring family activities to keep them entertained, learning and in good spirits.


1. Take a walk. So simply, but just going for a little stroll (babies in wagons, strollers or walking) is great! Just breathing in fresh air and exploring the simple things outdoors right around you is great!

2. Picnic outside. I love doing this! Pack a blanket and some fun picnic friendly foods.

3. Head to a park. Swings, slides, play tag.

4. Do a scavenger hunt. The boys are still so young, but the other day I just hid big items and had G go find them. He loved it!

5. Kick a ball in the yard.

6. Sidewalk chalk!

7. Paint outside. Set up a big huge roll of paper and let them go to town. Then have a big tub of water outside to clean up after so you aren’t worried about the mess.

8. Grab a blanket and a book and read under a tree.

9. Blow bubbles. You can even get a bubble machine and really go crazy. We got this one HERE. (Under $15 and works like a charm!)

10. Go to the Farmer’s Market. For little ones it can be a great learning opportunity to learn different fruits, vegetables, colors and shapes.

11. Let the kids help you wash the car. (Or play in the water…)

12. Build an outdoor fort… (or Pitch a tent to play in outside!)


1. Eggstavaganza is at the Nashville Zoo on 3/31/18. So many fun activities. You can see when all the Egg Hunts are and all the info

2. Cheekwood! We love it here. There are so many beautiful tulips now and they are celebrating “Cheekwood in Bloom.” They also have a fun spring art hop on 3/31 with food trucks, a beer garden for the parents, egg hunts, face painting, rabbit petting, song time, etc. You can find the info on that HERE.

P.S. I’ve got a whole bunch of Easter/Spring home decor, baby goods, spring dresses, and so many other spring goodness up HERE.


Mom Life: Raising Kind Kids

raising kind kids

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which makes me grateful to feel all the love in my family. More than anything, I hope to be raising kind kids that are loving and compassionate.

Raising Kind Kids

raising kind kids

raising kind kids

raising kind kids

raising kind kids

raising kind kids

raising kind kids

raising kind kids

On Me: Heart T-Shirt | Neutral Booties | Cashmere Cardigan

On Georgie: Heart Breaker Hoodie | Chukka Boots | Jeans

On Wilder: “MoM” Tattoo Romper

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which makes me grateful to feel all the love in my family. More than anything, I hope to be raising kind kids that are loving and compassionate.

My husband always shares the quote, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” How true is that?!

This day in age is full of bullying, comparison and competition. Top that with the growing concern of every detail of life being seen on social media and our children are growing up in a trying world. More now than ever it’s important to instill kindness and compassion in our children.

I believe this is something that needs to be taught. If hate is taught, so is love.

Going back to my New Year’s Resolution to be more intentional in my life, being intentional with my parenting trumped all. How I live my everyday life, and how I treat my boys will affect their decisions for the rest of their lives. It’s SOOO important for me to be intentional with my words and parenting with something so great at stake.

I did my due diligence and read up on ways that I can be raising kind kids.

Some of the following really stood out to me and just made sense. We’ve been implementing them into our everyday life. Even if you aren’t a mom, these can be useful to know!

Raising Kind Kids:

* Above all else setting an example yourself is key. Being a strong moral compass for your children to mimic your actions is paramount.

* Prioritize kindness, compassion, strong morals, etc. If we constantly are worrying about their achievements, sports accolades, “success” we lose sight of what is important.

* Make it a habit to ask your children daily what they are grateful for that day and what kind act they did. Since my babies are so young, I just tell them mine. For example, “Georgie I am so grateful for you. Thank you for being kind and sharing your truck with your brother.” It’s a great way to start and end the day too!

* Practicing and teaching mindfulness. This in return leads to kindness.

* When they outgrow toys, have them help bring it to a friend or donate to someone in need. A friend of mine’s daughter gave Georgie her little guitar when she had outgrown it. He still loves it so much! She learned a good lesson, and G has a more meaningful and special toy. Win-win!

* Always encourage sharing. (I thought this was simple.. but you’d be surprised! Having G be more social with playdates and My Gym I’ve noticed so many parents that will take a toy back that their child was playing with or something similar.)

* Reward them for kind actions with experiences or getting to do something special not getting something special. This also encourages them to appreciate moments over possessions.

* Go out of your way to be kind to others. Remember, your child is watching and learning! (This includes your significant other…)

I hope everyone has a Valentine’s day filled with lots of love!

Here are some books that I loved that dive deep into this subject: Permission To Parent: How to Raise Your Child with Love and Limits , Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed In Our All-About-Me World , Strong & Kind: Raising Kids of Charector


Easter Basket Ideas for Babies (That are not candy!)

All holidays are so much more fun now that Georgie is in our lives. I’m so excited to see his little face when he comes down stairs and sees his Easter basket, finds eggs, and gets to see his family and celebrate the reason for the season.

We don’t allow Georgie to have any type of candy just yet, and we really try to limit the sweets. Easter baskets were always a big thing in my home growing up and my mom always had lots of items (that weren’t candy) in our baskets. It was more of a “Spring basket” and had lots of things that we could use for the upcoming spring and summer season. I love the idea of this, because it really makes you excited for the upcoming warmer weather, and the items get lots of use.

10 Ideas of What to Put in an Easter Basket for a Baby:

1. A stuffed animal bunny. This one seems pretty obvious, but this Cuddle & Kind bunny takes it to a new level. They also have a girl bunny and little lambs that would be perfect for Easter. (And SEVERAL other options for any other times.) I love finding charitable companies and this one takes it to a new level. Each stuffed animal is carefully created by artisans in Peru that are provided sustainable, fair trade wages. They also donate 10 MEALS to children in need for every doll sold. Their goal is to provide 1 million meals a year to help combat childhood hunger. Now THAT is a stuffed animal worth giving.

2. I filled little easter eggs with Annie’s organic bunny snacks. They have a variety of different flavors, so I grabbed a couple different ones to add some variety. (They are also gluten free and free of any additives or preservatives.)

3. Clothes for spring! I always looked forward to this in my Easter baskets growing up. (Go figure…) I found these adorable little sets from Lulu and Roo . I loved the cutoff hoodie sweatshirt with shorts. Perfect for the upcoming warmer weather!

4. Teething toys. Georgie is currently teething so a teether that he can easily hold on his own is perfect. These BrixtonPhoenix teethers are a little more stylish then some of the bright crazy colored ones out there and more importantly are handmade in the USA. They are also 100% Food Grade Silicone, 100% Non Toxic and BPA Free

5. Swim gear!! This is just exciting because it means that swim season is near. I thought these little trunks were adorable. A lot of the matching sets had short sleeve tops, but Georgie is so fair skinned I wanted a little more protection. This long sleeved rashguard has SPF50+, is made in America and is right around $20. Much better option, in my opinion! They have several colors, but I went with the white so I could pair it with different bottoms.

6. Bath toys and bubble bath. G is really loving animals lately, so I thought this animal bath toy set would be the perfect addition to his little Easter basket. You can also fill a small tub with water and put these toys in for day time play. Georgie loves to splash around outside and take all of the items in and out.

7. Books! We are a big fan of books in our household. I’m thankful that G loves to read. One of our favorites is this National Parks book. Hopefully we can bring him and baby #2 to as many of these parks as possible!

8. Spring swaddle blankets. G is way past the swaddle stage, but we use these blankets ALL.THE.TIME. Little Unicorn has been my go to. They are so soft, but yet hold up really well. They will be perfect to put over him for our strolls on days when it is still a little chilly.

9. Sippy Cups. We are trying to make the big change from bottles to sippy cups. G really hasn’t taken to it very well, but making it exciting as part of his easter basket will hopefully help do the trick!

10. Baskets that can be used again! These Pehr Designs baskets were the perfect size to make an Easter basket, but more importantly a cute toy catch all to use in his room later. No need to waste a cheap basket, and these are so much more stylish anyway. 😉

I hope this helps you with some easy ideas and everyone has a great holiday with their families.