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Bump Essentials

bump essentials

Bump Essentials

A few staple piece clothing items that are carrying me through this pregnancy. I also included my favorite belly oil and some books that have been helpful!

Another stand out item that I’ve worn constantly are these before, during & after pregnancy leggings. They are the softest, most comfortable leggings ever. I have slept in them they are so comfy. You can roll the waist band up for more support on the bump or roll it down. It’s a bonus that they aren’t “maternity” and you can wear them pregnant or not. They will be perfect for postpartum as well.


Tips, Tricks, Hacks of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

maternity outfit

If you aren’t familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…. you are missing out!!

maternity fashion

Nordstrom Sale

maternity outfit

nordstrom anniversary sale

nordstrom sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

Oversized Tee | White Booties | Guitar Strap Handbag | Straw Hat

If you aren’t familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…. you are missing out!! Take it from a level 4 Nordstrom shopper (I know, I know, it’s a problem…) this is the best way to shop the upcoming seasons fashions. I’ve got tips and tricks to help you navigate the sale and get the most bang for your buck.

But first, I’ve been getting tons of questions about this oversized tee via an Instagram post. I’ve found it on sale for $33!!! It’s an absolute must buy. I wear it knotted on the side, tucked in on one side or even all the way down as a tunic. It’s lightweight for summer, and pretty much perfect. I also am loving this under $100 straw hat. The feather band is still neutral, but really gives it that something special. Let’s just take a minute to admire this white handbag. The embroidery is so pretty, and that guitar strap is amazing. It also comes with a plain white/chain strap you can replace it with if you choose. So so good.

Why this Sale is Different

Ok, now on to the sale. This sale is not like a typical sale where at the end of the season items that haven’t been purchased/overstock are put up at discounted prices until they sell. These are the upcoming fall season’s hottest pieces put up at majorly discounted prices. Once the sale is over, whatever is left is then marked back up to MSRP. Amazing, right?!

Important Dates/Cardholders

From July 13-20th Nordstrom cardholders can shop the sale before it opens to the public. This is important because tons of the items will sell out before the public gets access to them. I’m not a big fan of store credit cards, personally, because it makes self control a little hard. However, they have an option where you can get all the rewards and it connects directly to your debit card! I love this option. If you have better self discipline with your spending, they have credit card options too! You can sign up HERE. If you are approved for the card by JULY 9th, you receive a $20 Nordstrom note to use during the sale.

The sale will open to the public from July 21st-August 6th.

Items Sell Out….

Hot items sell out extremely quickly. A couple things you can do to make sure you secure the best deals:

  1. Apply for the card so you can shop the early access.
  2. Shop online first, and then in store. There is always a better chance of the item being available online.
  3. Buy first, return later. Ok, so I’m not a huge fan of having to return items. I’ve worked in retail and know the hassle. However, this is an exception. Nordstrom has one of the easiest and best return policies in all of retail. Go ahead and purchase the item and if you decide it wasn’t a great fit, or was an impulse decision, it is extremely easy to return. If you wait to think on it (which in most normal situations I would suggest) there is a great chance it will sell out.
  4. Restocks happen frequently. They do restock items throughout the sale, so continue to go back to if you happened to miss out on something that you really would love.

How I can Help You

I’m pretty much a complete crazy A$$ when it comes to this sale. Early Access starts during my birthday week. I take that as a sign that I’m supposed to use that opportunity to the fullest. Year after year, I do. When the sale first goes live, I spend hours and hours browsing nearly every page for the best finds. (The sale spreads from women, baby, men, home, etc.) I typically look for classics that you can get tons of use out of in each category. They always have a killer leather jacket, great designer denim deals, designer handbags at majorly discounted prices, a beauty kit, booties/boots for fall, great staple coat, etc.

I’ll also go to the store the first day and check out everything in person. Be sure to watch my Instastories to view the items. This way if you have questions about quality or something similar, I can do my best to help you out. I so look forward to this as I don’t take nearly as many styling jobs as I did before Georgie was born. It’s truly so fun for me!

Triple Point Day/Card benefits

If you decide you do not want to become a cardholder, you can still join Nordstrom Rewards. With the rewards program you will get 1 point for every $1 spent.

Cardholders rack up points quicker gaining 2 points for every $1 spent. (This applies to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club.) You get reimbursed in notes for alterations as well. Throughout the year, there are double points, and triple points days. These are great times to make larger purchases as the notes can really add up quickly!

You also get to choose a triple point day! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is absolutely the day to do that. Not only are you saving money from the discounted prices, but you also are making money from the notes to spend later. (They last a year. I typically majorly stock up during the sale, and get a ton of $20 notes. It’s hard to do, but I try to save those notes for Christmas time, and use them for gifts. Around that time, it’s always great to have that option!)

Hope this helps! If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact me HERE. Happy shopping. 🙂

P.S. Be sure to follow my Instagram for a chance to win a $100 gift card to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


36 Week Pregnancy Fashion – Pregnancy Update

third trimester maternity outfits

36 week pregnancy fashion options have gotten a little more limited, but I’ve got a couple tried and true pieces that are easy to style and can be worn post pregnancy as well!

maternity outfit ideas

36 weeks pregnancy

third trimester maternity outfits

36 weeks pregnancy fashion

White Handbag | White Booties | Exact Dress Sold Out..but is Spell & Gypsy Collection (Click to check out their other similar and amazing pieces) | Chambray Shirt (tied around waist in pics) | Same Fit Tank Dress | Graphic Shirt Dress

36 week pregnancy fashion options have gotten a little more limited, but I’ve got a couple tried and true pieces that are easy to style and can be worn post pregnancy as well!

When it is this hot, it’s easiest to just wear a dress in my opinion! I loved this graphic tank dress that I can wear post pregnancy as well. This exact dress is Spell & The Gypsy Collective and has sold out. Check out their site for some other amazing pieces! (Including some super cute graphic tees!) This tank dress has the exact same fit, and is under $100. (I have this dress as well, and wear it often these days!) One of my style tricks in the third trimester is to wear a button up around the waist with loose fitting items. It helps to define the bump, and still give a little shape instead of just getting that “tent affect” as I lovingly call it.

P.S. I’m obsessed with white accessories for summer! (They will still carry over into the fall/winter trends as well.) This white leather bag is one of my favorite finds lately. The grommet detailing gives it just a little bit of edge, but the shape keeps it classic. It can be worn on the shoulder or be handheld.

I wore this to eat tacos with a friend the other day, trying to soak in these last couple weeks being able to get out and about at times. Once baby 2 arrives I know I will be house locked for a bit.

So on to the not so glamorous part. The final weeks of pregnancy. It’s hard, ya’ll. There is just no way around it. I went for my (now weekly) visit yesterday and found out the culprit of my constant pain… separated (and possibly broken) ribs. Baby #2 is sitting high and he’s been putting so much pressure on my ribcage. If he doesn’t come before, I will be induced at 39 weeks. On a good note, they thought he might have IUGR like Georgie did, and has been measuring extremely small this entire pregnancy. He’s kicked his weight gain into gear and is up to the 15th percentile! They no longer think that is the case, instead thinking he is just naturally a little on the smaller side. With G I was induced at 37 weeks for this, and they will not need to do that with baby #2.

I had planned to write a 36 week update for awhile now as a follow up to the 32 week one. Sharing the real struggles (past the perfectly posed smiling pictures). However, right as I was sitting down to write this, I ran across a caption that said to embrace where you are in life, because you won’t be in that same position again. It took me a minute to really soak that in. As I did I realized this will most likely be my last pregnancy. (2 in 2 years has done me in..) Adjusting my mindset to cherish these moments instead of dread them is pretty powerful. Instead of focusing on the pain, I’m determined to focus on the last kicks I will feel from him that no one else can experience. I’m determined to focus on the amazing miracle creating a human life really is. I’m determined to remember that the longer he is in there, the healthier he will be.

Yesterday, I was in “nesting mode” and organizing a couple things in our bedroom. I stumbled upon a devotional that I (not proudly) haven’t picked up in a very long time. When I went to open it, the bookmark was on the date it was. It stopped me in my tracks. It was God’s way of letting me know I was right where I was supposed to be. The message was about how faith is about persistence and not perfection. It was exactly what I needed to read in that moment.

Stumbling across these two things have really shifted my mindset and reminded me to embrace the exact moment you are in and stay positive!


ACM Awards-Vegas Trip




I had to wait till the last minute to book my flight out to Vegas since I wanted to make sure and get the doctors approval before I went. However, all the quick direct flights were snatched up! I knew I was going to have a long day ahead and went for comfort in my favorite travel sweatshirt. (I sized up for the bump….) The necklace is by a designer I have become obsessed with, Sarah Briggs. You can shop her handmade jewelry here.


The ACM dress inspiration came from Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower dress. She wore a white Kym Ellery dress with huge bell sleeves….and a $1,650 price tag. I found a similiar look with a Black Halo dress. It has sold out, but I’ve found some great alternatives. This lace up version is a stunner, and this one has some great detailing! I paired the dress with my classic Christian Louboutin nude pumps.






Boho Baby Shower

Boho Shower Invite






I had the absolute best weekend celebrating our sweet new baby, at a boho themed baby shower, thrown by my parents, sister, and childhood best friend. It was so emotional to see all the love for baby W and get showered with baby goodies from our family and friends. Revolve Clothing did it again and I was able to find the perfect shower dress. The dress comes in one size and is the perfect material and cut for before and after baby. I’ve noticed this dress has since sold out in this print. However, you can find the same dress in a different print here. AND the same print in a romper version, here.

My crafty parents made all of the centerpieces and the backdrop, including chopping down all the wood for the cake stand and centerpieces. The place settings all had mason jars with a burlap ribbon and birch straws. They didn’t leave out a single detail!

Baby W got so many amazing gifts! After spending a ton of time researching online and asking my mama friends, we registered for the 4moms Bouncer. I was so excited opening it, and we loved setting it up and playing with it. It has so many features! It can even be controlled from your phone.

We were really just so overwhelmed by all the love and support we felt this weekend. After the shower, my aunts, uncles and cousins came over to my parents house and they all gave us plenty of advice and even threw some bets in on the baby’s actual arrival date. So much fun!

Hope everyone has an amazing week!