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Busy, busy, busy!





Printed Jogger | Leather Sneaker | Similar Leather Jacket

This has been quite the busy week for this ole pregnant lady! Had so much fun doing the wardrobe for Drake White’s new music video, Livin’ the Dream, and started ACM fittings for some lovely ladies. Amuse Society has been my saving grace for comfortable clothing I can wear during pregnancy,, but also re-wear after. These printed jogger pants are so comfortable for these long days I’ve been having. Today, I’m bumpin’ right along to my friend and fellow blogger, Mallory Ervin’s event at H Audrey. She’s showcasing the new spring Jennifer Haley bags. I’m so excited to check them all out! Ya’ll will love them! Trey and I went to our baby doc appointment yesterday. They started measuring our little one, and it seems time is flying by faster than ever before!




Black on Black on Bump







I have been trying not to buy actual “maternity” clothes since you can only wear them for such a small amount of time. When it comes to dressing the bump, creativity is key.  A friend of mine once told me whenever you are in doubt to just wear all black. I took that advice to heart on this day. I have purchased several of these Chaser brand tanks because they run a little longer and I can wear them again after the babe is here. The pants are my same ones I had prior to getting pregnant, I just loop a hair tie in the button to give me an extra inch of room or so. (I only do this when I don’t plan on wearing them for long periods of time.) I will still wear heels on occasion, but revert to comfy shoes whenever possible. These leather ones give me the comfort I crave, but still have great style to them!