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How To Throw A Boho Garden Party- Birthday Dinner

boho garden party

How To Throw A Boho Garden Party- Birthday Dinner

Earlier this year, a dear friend told me when referring to friendships and relationships, to think about a dinner table. Who shows up when you invite them? No matter if you are having a feast or only crumbs to offer. Who pours you water from their cup when you are out, and you will happily pour back into theirs? Nurture those friendships and feed them. She encouraged me to stop squeezing a chair in at tables you don’t belong, and be present at the one that you are at.

This year, I’ve really worked at that concept and I felt blessed beyond belief to sit at a beautiful dinner party with a table full of women who I am so proud to call friends. Women who care, show up, build each other up and offer nothing but love and support.

If you haven’t found your table yet, keep looking and focusing on those who come to dinner no matter what!

With that being said, I feel beyond grateful for my sweet friend Chelsea for throwing this beautiful boho garden party. She was able to do so on a budget and I’m going to pass on her tricks! P.S. She took all these pictures as well and you can find more of her work HERE. She’s incredible!

She found the perfect location at Natchez Glen House. It’s a lovely garden that you can have events in or go and pick your own flowers! (Hello most perfect date night….) I’m convinced someone needs to get engaged in the middle of this garden. Chelsea and I would love to help plan it! You can check out all Natchez Glen has to offer HERE.

The cake was by Copper & Whisk Cakes. Confession… I was never a big cake lover until I tried their cakes. It’s so much better than any other cake I’ve ever tasted. This one was salted caramel and so amazing!!!

This tablescape looked so elaborate and beautiful, but it can totally be done on a budget! Most of these items were found on Amazon and Target. The whole table can be re-created for around $100!

Here is Everything You Need For A Boho Garden Party Tablescape: