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We Moved! Our New Home Photoshoot

We moved! I thought it’d be fun to capture to do a moving and new home photoshoot with the boys.

new photoshoot

On Me: Sweatshirt | Jeans (similiar)
On Georgie: Love Pajamas
On Wilder: XOXO Footed Pajamas
Marble Dockatot

Whew. What a week! Let me preface this by saying I am SO SO SO grateful to be in this new home. Also, very grateful to our amazing realtor and our family for making it all happen. (Luckily, Trey’s mom drove up from Alabama to watch the boys and allow us to focus on packing/moving and my parents right after.) BUT. It has been one of the most stressful and hectic times.

I was really sentimental about leaving that home. It was the first home Trey and I owned together, and also where we got married and brought both of our babies home. It holds so many precious memories to me.

We were extremely picky when it came to choosing our house. For a long time we thought we would build. (Plans were drawn up and builders were even picked.) After deciding that wasn’t the right move we looked at countless houses and even put in full price offers in this competitive market. The saying “what’s meant to be will always find a way” turned out to be so true in this case. I couldn’t imagine any of those other homes being the one we would make memories with these sweet boys in.

We ended up closing on both our old home and new home on the same day. Which was great, but also meant we had a VERY short turn around time to physically move out of our old home.

We started packing it all up about two weeks before the actual move. With the holidays, Trey’s crazy work schedule and general life with two littles…. that still wasn’t enough time. We were physically running as fast as we could up and down the stairs making loads to and from the old house at the end.

Our closing also happened to fall on the days of the winter storm. Most people weren’t even leaving their house, but we managed to make it all happen. Mainly in part to our (very patient) and amazing realtors. If you are in the Nashville area, I truly could not recommend Scott Knabe and Britton Kinnard any more. They helped us physically pack and move loads in his own car. They went as far as to bring us pizza and wine the night of the move.

Trey had to leave for work two days after we moved in so we weren’t able to truly get much done before he left. The majority of the unpacking and settling (while watching the babes) has fallen on me. Right as he left I got a stomach virus as well as both boys. Let me just tell you there is nothing harder than being sick with two sick kids!

I’ve been slowly unpacking, but it’s just going to be a long slow process. I’m so excited to bring my Pintrest boards to life and decorate each room how I’ve always dreamed. (Over time, of course.)

Georgie is still very confused as to what is going on and it’s caused him some anxiety. Some things that have helped were setting up his room exactly as it was, and keeping his stuffed animal and snuggly in there with him at all times.

Needless to say, most of the house is still in boxes scattered randomly around. One of the first things I unpacked were the kids Dockatots. They slept in those and they have been a LIFESAVER. If you don’t have one, you need one. I tell everyone that it is my one baby item that I couldn’t live without. If you aren’t familiar with Dockatot it’s a rest/play/lounge device made with hygienic fabrics that don’t harbor heat, but yet is snug and soothing. We like to travel with them, because they are portable. It was good to keep something familiar with the boys. They came out with this carrara marble cover, and I had to have it!

It’s starting to feel like home and I love that! Our neighbors have all been so inviting and warm so far. One brought us dinner and wine, and one brought cookies and invited G to a playdate. Can’t beat that!


Updating the Nursery for Baby 2

Boho Baby Nursery

The countdown till baby 2 is officially ON so we have updated the nursery to accommodate for two babies.

Baby Boy Boho Nursery

boho nursery

Boho Nursery

Baby Nursery

| Braided Rug | Play Teepee Tent | Wooden Letters | White Dresser | Similar Beaded Chandelier | Blankets | Sheepskin |

Just days left on the baby 2 countdown, so it was time to adjust the nursery to accommodate two babies. We plan to be in a new house before this babe will need his own nursery. It was a better option to make G’s room more suitable for both of them. Baby 2 will be in a bassinet in our room for these first several months. When we make the move, each boy will get their own room.

First, I added a rug to the room. It was important for G to have plenty of places to play. Currently, we have a couple things for him to play in our room. Since the new baby will be sleeping in there a lot (hopefully) I wanted him to be able to play in his room more. This Lorena Canals was perfect for that. It’s machine washable, all natural (no VOC’s!) and handmade. I kept it neutral so it can grow with him or go in any space later.

Next, I switched up the changing table/dresser. Previously, I had a changing table that was open on the bottom with some baskets. That is now in the closet underneath the hanging clothes, with accessories and various items. This Carter’s by DaVinci Dresser was clean and simple, but provided more adequate storage. The top can also be a changing table. I saved the top drawers for each of the boys’ diapering needs. Then each boy has a side with their most worn clothing items for the easiest access.

We also added the first letter of baby 2’s name to the collage near the rocking chair. (I took it down for the picture, to keep it a secret!) Once he is here we will also change up the pictures in the frames to include both boys’ sweet faces. 🙂

Lastly, I found these closet dividers with months on them. I sized the closet from newborn- 2T so both of their clothes could be organized together.

I’m so excited to welcome a new precious little guy into our home, and for G to become a big brother! That doesn’t stop the mom guilt about him not getting the attention he needs, but it’s really helped having Trey home more with the long holiday this past weekend. We were able to really give him lots of QT and soak in the last days of being a family of 3!

P.S. G’s little outfit is from Moon & Beck. They are local out of Nashville, and it’s the softest fabric EVER. (Bamboo and Spandex mix.) A lot of their stuff is mix and match, and I stocked up for him and for the new babe.