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Living Room Storage Solutions With Wayfair

Living Room Storage Solutions

living room storage solutions

living room storage solutions

living room storage solutions

living room storage solutions

We are on a mission to keep a calm, clean and organized house this year. I’ve partnered with Wayfair to share some living room storage solutions to help keep this high traffic area of any home clutter free and functional.

Our living room is where we spend a lot of time, but it was becoming a catch all for toys, blankets and various items everywhere. To parallel our mission to organize our home we’ve added storage solutions to keep everything clean and tidy.


Storage Baskets – Oversized baskets are perfect to toss in blankets and throw pillows. Mix and match different sizes and materials to add lots of texture into the space.

A Log Rack– Function meets design for this one. The oversized look holds a lot of firewood and makes    a design statement as well.

Rattan Trays- Rectangle OptionRound Option These are great to add on to your coffee table or ottoman to collect remote controls, candles, matches, etc.

Accent Chests – This one has a lot of interior storage where we keep toys and even diapers. If you have a large living area you could even do a full size Sideboard/Dresser Option . Another great thing about adding a larger piece like this is the space to create a styled vignette on top of the chest. You can add coffee table books, candles, art, decorative bowls etc.

Decorative Bowls – This is a concrete option that adds a great texture to any space, but also provides storage for small items.

Wayfair has TONS of storage options and many are at very affordable price points. You can check them all out HERE.



* Thanks to Wayfair for sponsoring this post. *