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Tory Burch Summer Capsule Collection Wishlist

Tory Burch has a dreamy new summer capsule collection which is a limited edition of signature pieces in exclusive colorblock and graphic prints. I’m sharing my favorites and can’t wait to add some of these into my closet. The quality of their pieces are always incredible and they are the types of pieces that will live in your closet for years.

Click on any of the names below to shop the item!

COLORBLOCK POPLIN TUNIC– This piece is stunning! It’s a subtle statement and can be partnered with the matching skort or worn on it’s own with a pair of denim.

COLORBLOCK POPLIN SKORT– Love the idea or wearing this piece over the swimsuit as a cover up. It can also be worn with the matching tunic. The matching set would be perfect for a resort vacation!

COLORBLOCKED TANK SUIT– Very flattering cut. The black keeps it a classic and the pop of color blocking on the straps makes it fun and more unique than a solid suit. Love it paired with the skort bottom as a cover up.

PRINTED JUMPSUIT– Comes in another colorway option as well. Made from a lightweight cotton which makes it perfect over swimwear as a cover up or paired with wedges to take it into night. Very flattering fit with the empire waist and narrowing at the waistline. I loved the tassel detailing and basketweave print. One of those pieces you can always grab when you “don’t have anything to wear.”

T MONOGRAM COLORBLOCK JACQUARD BUCKET BAG– This bucket bag is on top of my wish list! The coloring is stunning and can be paired with anything.

WOVEN DOUBLE T ESPADRILLE– I loved the pop of red on these. They can be mixed and matched with anything in this summer collection. I’d style these with a white t-shirt and white jeans and let these red be the “pop” of color. These work perfectly worn with the bucket bag as well.

Tory Burch has always been a brand I go to for unique yet classic pieces. Let me know what you scoop up from this stunning capsule collection and happy shopping!


What I’m Packing For St.John- Resort Wear

st.john resort wear

What I’m Packing For St.John- Resort Wear

We are so excited to be heading to St.John next week and I wanted to share what I’m packing for the trip. I’ll be sure to share the spots we love to eat/stay etc. once we are home for anyone interested in traveling to the USVI’s.


Style Edit: Biker Shorts

biker shorts

Style Edit: Biker Shorts

The biker short trend is one I can totally get on board with. They are comfortable and super easy to wear. They have a bit of a more modest length, which is perfect when you are active or to be able to wear them day to night.

So many biker shorts have been selling out because they are such a hot item, but I’m rounding up some favorites that are currently available and sharing a few different ways to style them.




** Click on any image to shop. **

Option 1:

This is great for working out and then adding some quick accessories to run errands. This cami tank is a great staple piece. It’s super comfortable and a great length to show a tiny bit of midriff or you could size up if you’d prefer a no show look. There is also a great less expensive option that comes in tons of colors for $20 HERE.

Option 2:


Everyday casual. The key to this look is a shirt that is a bit oversized. You can roll up the sleeves if you’d like it to be a bit more polished.

Option 3:

A more dressed approach to the biker short trend. I just added a linen blazer over a graphic tee and popped on a pump. It’s simple, but comfortable and perfect for a summer night out.



** You can check out several other summer staple items on this roundup post, HERE. **


What To Pack For A Beach Trip

what to pack for beach vaca

What To Pack For A Beach Trip

**Click on any of the below images to shop. **

When deciding what to pack for a beach trip I always look for versatile pieces that I can wear a few different ways. Since we have little ones to chase after, these are all comfortable pieces as well. I’ve got you covered in each category with pieces that can mix and match as well as go from day to night in each category.





Cover Ups: 










For a full round up of summer bags, be sure to check out this post  HERE. Lots of great options under $100.


Hats & Sunglasses: 


What To Pack For A Beach Trip (20 Items Under $30)

What To Pack For A Beach Trip (20 Items Under $30)

what to pack or a beach trip

what to pack for a beach trip

what to pack for a beach trip

what to pack for a beach trip

This year we decide to skip the big blowout birthday party and head to the beach for Georgie’s third birthday. We had such a fun time celebrating our sweet guy and he told us it was the “best birthday ever, ever, ever!”

I was able to find a ton of really affordable and cute beach items that I wanted to share with ya’ll. This $18 white maxi dress was my absolute favorite! It comes in a few other colors as well and runs true to size.

Shop Our Looks-

What To Pack For A Beach Trip

An Oversized Beach Bag



Cover Ups


Maxi Dress

Beach Beauty Products

I was able to find all of these affordable options at Walmart! They have lots of premium brands now as well as the affordable options. Ray Ban, Sam Edelman, etc! It was nice being able to stock up for myself and the boys as well as lots of great premium beauty options. Since I waited till last minute to find things for the trip, the quick shipping was super convenient!

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post.


Summer Outfits | Ways to Beat the Newborn Feeding Time Clock

nordstrom sale

Summer Outfits

nashville fashion blogger

nordstrom sale

nordstrom sale

nordstrom sale

Nordstrom sale

summer outfits

nordstrom sale

post baby summer outfits

nordstrom sale

post baby summer outfits

Blouse | Blouse |” target=”_blank”>Neutral Booties | Denim Shorts | Handbag | Mirrored Sunglasses | Bracelets- Tori Set (USE PROMO CODE BEAUARROW FOR 25% off the bracelets!)

Towards the end of my pregnancy the only thing that fit were leggings. Even in the hottest southern July heat, I wasn’t really able to wear any normal summer outfits. It feels so good to be able to throw on a pair of jean shorts, and have them button! As a now mom of two, I really don’t feel comfortable in super short shorts. I am such a fan of one teaspoon, but they tend to run really short. I was so happy to find a pair that were a bit longer. They are even longer in the back than the front which is extra flattering. You can find them HERE. I purchased this blouse while I was still pregnant as a pick me up. It really is so beautiful!! It’s very light weight so it can be worn this summer, and will transition to fall really well. I paired it with these neutral booties which I think are the most underrated item on the NORDSTROM SALE. Also, this handbag I’ve been carrying non stop is also on mega sale!!! It’s perfect with summer outfits, but can be carried all year long.

Today I got out of the house for an hour or so for the first time since Wilder was born. I get stir crazy very easily, and it felt good to grab a quick coffee with a friend and pick up some flowers to bring some “happy” to our house. I forgot what it’s like to live on the “feeding time clock.” There is a saying, “the months go by fast, but the days go by slow.” This is so true with a newborn. The sleepless nights make the days drag on, but before I know it Wilder will be G’s age!

I don’t like to miss a single minute of newborn snuggles while he is awake, so I tried to just get out for a minute while he was napping and home with Trey. Personally, I think it’s important to still take a few moments for yourself. It’s so easy to fall into the “post baby blues.” Postpartum depression is a very serious issue. If getting out for just a bit boosts your moral…than do it!!

It can be very challenging to not only live on the “feeding time clock” at night, but during the day as well. It’s almost maddening at times to feel like you have to squeeze everything you need to do in those precious few minutes in between feedings. (Wilder has been cluster feeding and eating every hour to hour and a half so far.) Here are a few ways that I was able to make it seem a little less daunting with Georgie that I will put into practice with Wilder as well.

Ways To Beat The Feeding Time Clock

* Wear Your Baby– This is a great way to not only bond with your baby, but also be hands free to do things that you may need to do. For me, I can have my hands free to play with G while also being close to Wilder.

* Have A Routine, But Don’t be Clock Driven – If you watch the clock, and attempt to feed at an exact time it can be extremely frustrating to get “off schedule.” I’ve found it better to look for Wilder’s sleep and feeding “cues.” I shape the routine around his needs. If you haven’t read The Baby Whisperer, it’s highly recommended.

* Get Some Fresh Air – Staying inside day after day can really get depressing. Something as simple as going outside to get a little fresh air can really brighten your day. We just got a little outdoor area, and I’ve been going out in their in the evenings when it cools off to blow bubbles with Georgie, and just let Wilder breathe in some fresh air and get a little sunlight. (For very short time periods since it’s so hot..)

* Save Some Time for your Spouse– It’s so easy to get agitated when you are sleep deprived, and the first person you tend to take it out on is your spouse. Now more than ever is the time to connect and work as a team. You can really use it to your benefit to strengthen your relationship if you stay on the same “team” and work together. We have been waiting to eat until both boys are asleep, and watching one little show together. Just that little bit of time can keep us on the same page.

* Have a Little “ME” Time – Even if it’s as simple as running to the grocery store or grabbing a coffee by yourself. It’s so easy to completely loose yourself during this time. While part of becoming a parent is putting your newborns life before your own, it’s still important to do small things for yourself. A happy mom is a better mom.

* Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself– It’s easy to want to hurry to get your post baby body back, want to keep the house up, work, etc. Give yourself time and don’t be too hard on yourself. All the laundry won’t get done. The house will most likely be a mess, and food is whatever is most convenient. BUT…. newborn snuggles are irreplaceable. This time goes by so fast! (Saying this one as a major reminder to myself.)

Well I wrote this whole post one handed while holding Wilder in the other. I consider that a new hidden talent. Got to get back to these sweet baby snuggles…