The Best Hair Products & Tools

best hair products

Best Hair Products & Tools

best hair products

best hair products

best hair tools

1. T3 Cura Blowdryer – This is on the pricy side, but it is SO worth it. It features an ionic technology that de-frizzes and smooths the hair. It’s also super quick. That’s what makes it the most worth it for me. It used to take me 45 minutes with my ole Conair. I My hair is very thick and long…) This is right at 15 minutes. Crazy town.

2. T3 Wand With Various Barrels – I use this more than anything else. I typically use the 1 1/2 ” barrel for bigger curls. This might sound drastic, but I can’t live without this curling wand. Of everything beauty, this is probably my most used tool.

3. Oribe Texturizing Spray and Dry Shampoo. One let’s be real… I live on dry shampoo. The best of the best is this Oribe option. (Yes, it’s pricy.) I also really like this one by Tarte that is a more budget friendly option. The texture spray is a magic worker. It helps create that loosened curl or what I like to call “model hair.” When I use this combo, I skip using any hairspray.

4. Wet Brush – This brush really helps prevent damage when you brush your hair wet. It’s not easy task to detangle this long tangly mess of hair I’m dealing with, but this brush really makes it more manageable.

5. Garnier Nourishing 1 Minute Hair Mask – Drugstore find alert! I put this at the ends of my hair and leave on for about 5 minutes or so. It really helps dry ends. One of the best hair products out there and super budget friendly!

6. Kerastase Hair Mask – I use this once every other week or so, and it makes my hair so shiny and healthy looking. It’s a miracle worker.

7. Kerastase Hair Mist – This smells heavenly. It also gives a really polished shine look to the hair.

8. Kerastase Blow Dry Cream – Really helps create the best blow out. Protecting against heat damage is SO important!!!

9. Zenegen Hair Shampoo– I use this to grow my hair out and repair breakage. I do not use it as often as it says to use it. Once a week works for me. If I feel it’s getting really long I’ll substitute it out with the Oribe shampoo. If you chose to purchase from their website you can use code “ASHLEY10” for $10 off.

I use the “evolve” solution. This is for growth. They have a “revolve” solution that is for hair loss. I have not personally tried this one as my hair is naturally very thick, but I have heard nothing but great things!

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