Wolf Pack

d25a5097-3bfa-4bcb-b929-25535b7df104I couldn’t be more excited to announce we will be adding on to the Wilson wolf pack! This little one will bring big changes to my life and to the blog as well. There will be many bump pics and baby clothes to come. I had a rough first trimester, which is why I was quiet on here and social media for a few months. The second trimester has me feeling great and so excited! Yesterday I found the perfect “diaper bag” by Tylie Malibu at Hemline. I’ve been stocking up on Freshly Picked moccasins and lots of other goodies I’ll be sending your way.

Moccasins | Wolf Baby Shirt | Bag: Tylie Malibu found at Hemline in Nashville, TN 



Mama Bear

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