6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My 6 Month Old







On Me:

Studded Floppy Hat | Fringe Kimono  | Snakeskin Bootie  | Skinny Jean

On Georgie:

Camo Moccasins | Hat | Vest

I can’t believe that Georgie is 6 months old. I’m tearing up just typing these words. My life has become infinitely better since his arrival and he has changed me in so many ways. I thought in honor of little man’s 1/2 birthday, I would jot down some notes on what he has taught me. I’d love for him to be able to look back in his baby book and have these one-day. So here goes:

6.) There is ALWAYS time for snuggling. I know it’s easy to get caught up in a to-do list. There’s always laundry to be done. Dishes to be done. Emails to be sent. Food to be prepared. Floors to be swept. (Who am I kidding with that last one….) BUT…. There won’t always be an itsy bitsy baby to be snuggled. I always feel like I have to explain to my husband when he gets home from work why everything isn’t perfectly in place. The true answer is simple. I was too busy snuggling. I’m ok with that.

5.) There is happiness in the smallest of things. Find it. I’ve always been told I am, “hard to please.” Having a baby has truly changed this. Seeing the smallest of things bring a smile to my babe’s face sends an instant reminder that there is joy in everyday occurrences. Sometimes Georgie even laughs at what appears to be nothing. There is no better sound in the world, or no deeper joy, than that boisterous laugh coming from that little body.

4.) Change is constant. Embrace it. As soon as I feel like I am getting in a rhythm with G, he changes. The second we get on a schedule, he hits a growth spurt, or has an achy tooth. Change is inevitable. While it does make things a little more challenging, how do you learn and grow without it? Who wants to be stagnant anyway?

3.) Never stop learning. Being a stay at home mom can put you in a learning rut. I’m not out in the field everyday being forced to keep up with technology or being put in situations where I have to educate myself on new topics. BUT that doesn’t mean I can stop learning. G learns something new everyday. He learns from going on walks and hearing the birds, reading a book, seeing something new for the first time. I love to see how something he learns leads to growth. You are never too old to learn. It’s all about taking that knowledge and growing from it.

2.) Unconditional love is real. You think you understand love to its full capacity with your siblings, parents and significant other. I can tell you for me that wasn’t the case. I’m so grateful to have amazing people who I love so much in my life. There is just nothing quite like the eternal love I have when I look into my child’s eyes. It’s magical. It makes my heart feel like it could explode. It’s indescribable.

1.) Chase dreams, not things. Disclaimer: I have always chased materialistic items. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good designer bag more than the next girl, BUT I have learned there is so SO much more to life. This has been the biggest lesson my baby has taught me. When I think of what I want for G, it’s always places I want him to see, experiences I want him to have, or relationships I want him to secure with loved ones. Rarely do I think of all the “things” I want for him. We have trotted him around the country already, and it’s a priority of mine to continue to do so. If he learns one thing from me I hope it’s to dream big, explore, and invest in experiences not things.


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