20 Things To Do On Cold & Rainy Days With Kids

things to do on cold and rainy days with kids

10 Things To Do On Cold & Rainy Days With Kids

things to do on cold and rainy days with kids

things to do on cold and rainy days with kids

things to do on cold and rainy days with kids

As a family, we love to be outside. Exploring new places, hitting up the playgrounds and parks, eating outside. There is something so great about Vitamin D and the effect it has on our moods, but especially the kids.

Unfortunately, we have had day after day of rainy weather and cold days. We’ve been trying to not let that stop us from having some fun.

It’s so important for the boys to be stimulated in some way by learning something new or partaking in a fun activity at home.

If you don’t already, I suggest following “busytoddler” on Instagram. She has so many learning based activities using mostly items you most likely already have in your home. It’s my go to place to find fun things for the boys to do on our typical days at home.

We’ve also found some fun things that kept the boys attention and made for special family fun days indoors. I wanted to round those up for you so you could save them for a rainy day. Pun intended. HA!

10 Things To Do On Cold & Rainy Days With Kids

1. One of our favorites is to make movie night extra special. We would light a fire in the fireplace, get the boys sleeping bags, popcorn or a special treat. Then all snuggle up and watch a new movie we hadn’t seen before. P.S. How cute are the boys koala sleeping bags?! They are currently 50% off. You can find them HERE.

2. Build a fort. Use some chairs, blankets, make it the size of a room. The boys LOVE this one. You can grab some books and read or play in there.

3. Do a scavenger hunt or an egg hunt. (Since our boys are so young, I hid Easter eggs with little toys inside or post it notes with a shape or letter that they could practice.)

4. Play a board game. (We stick with Candy Land for now..)

5. Play dress up. We love this magician’s outfit and like to put on magic shows.

6. Use some bath time markers and draw in the shower/tub. We like to do shapes and letters to help them learn as well.

7. Make a “box house”. Use an oversized box, cut out a door. They can color inside of it on the walls or use stickers to put them on the box as well.

8. Make a meal together. Bake cookies, or let the kids help make dinner. (Ours love to stir!)

9. A dinosaur dig. Fill a box with sand (or cotton balls, or any other material you have on hand) and dig out dinosaur toys. (Our boys also love

10. Learn a new song and let the kids play on a child size piano or guitar.

11. Have a dance party! Hokey pokey, the gummy bear song…

12. Play Simon Says. Bonus points for having the kids take a lap around the house. Burns that energy!

13. Do a fun workout together. Jumping jacks, some yoga poses, streching. Georgie loves to do squats!

14. Draw a poster. I have a few extra large poster paper on hand. We use art kit and some stickers and draw together. With a big poster there is room for everyone to draw together.

15. Play in shaving cream.

16. Build a large obstacle course. Time how long it takes to go through, and see if they can beat their own time.

17. Fill the bathtub up with a bunch of balls. (We use the ones from our ball pit.) Put different small toys in there for them to dig through and find.

18. Bathtime fishing. (This kit is awesome!)

19. Twister!

20. Play with Playdoh.

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