Fashion For A Cause with ABLE (And The Fashion Industry’s Dirty Secrets…)

fashion for a cause

Fashion For A Cause with ABLE (And The Fashion Industry’s Dirty Secrets…)

V-Neck Tee | Denim Jacket | Tote Bag (Color Fog) | Mule Heels

Sometimes I wonder what the heck I am doing in this crazy blogging world. Other times an amazing company comes along with an incredible mission, and I remember why I do this. I love finding companies with amazing missions and helping to spread the word. It feels great to feel great in clothes, but it feels better to know that you are choosing sustainable options and empowering the lives of others in the process.

ABLE is a fashion line I absolutely adore for good quality, staple piece items that live in your closet from season to season.

Everybody needs this denim jacket. The distressing and fit are perfect. It’s one of the most used items in my closet. (I’m wearing the small in these photos for size reference.)

They make the SOFTEST shirts ever. I’m wearing the v-neck version that you can find HERE. It comes in several colors and a great price! I love their cropped tees as well.

ABLES’s bags are SO GOOD! They are made so well and just really versatile. I loved the coloring and size of the Mamuye Tote. I can fit SO. MUCH. STUFF. in it. It’s also great for travel! BONUS: They are giving $20 off this tote if you use code: ASHLEY20.

I could go on and on about their pieces and how great they are, but more importantly they are a lifestyle brand with a mission. ABLE employs women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances. Rather than being a “charity” they provide women a job with dignity. They manufacture directly in communities that they hope to impact. This creates jobs, and ends the cycle of charity dependency. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

ABLE chooses to work with women because when women thrive, so do the economies in which they operate.

They chose to INVEST in women. As they have grown, they have decided to bring even more awareness to the fashion industry. They’ve developed #accoutABLE which is essentially a reporting system that provides transparency reports of the social impact of the fashion industry.

As pretty as our clothes are……. a lot of times they come with a dirty secret. The unethical treatment of the employees that make them. The #accountABLE system allows the customer to see the good and bad of these factories so you can make informed decisions on the brands you chose to support.

Now they are taking their mission even further, and becoming the first fashion company to publish their wages. So many times the items you wear and love are made by people who can’t support their basic needs. They are on a mission to change the game, and make this a common practice. The goal is that it will be as common as seeing the nutritional facts on your food.

They are doing this to protect and empower women and equip consumers to demand more.

ABLE is headquartered here in Nashville. If you are a local or ever visiting… stop by and give them a visit. Or shop them online HERE.

I couldn’t possibly speak any higher of this company, their mission, or the impact they have made in the industry. Fashion for a cause is so much more important and sustainable than a cheap piece of clothing that was unethically produced.

One of the quotes that they had posted in regards to the #shesworthmore campaign has truly resonated with me, and I wanted to share.

“We are hopeful, and we believe in progress over perfection. We’re not perfect, but we want to be perfectly transparent.”

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  • Andrea
    August 23, 2018 at 1:47 am

    Gorgeous photos! Love the sunglasses!