Alton Lane

Custom mens suit








Leather Pants  |   Heels  | Bracelets | Top

Alton Lane has to be one of the coolest showrooms I’ve ever stepped foot in.  I had the pleasure of meeting the owners thru a friend and they explained to me the ins and outs of custom menswear, their body scanning technology, how they came about, their showroom design and so much more.

My husband and I had a great afternoon getting him measured and picking out fabrics to design some custom tailored pieces to become staples in his wardrobe. Most people don’t even realize how ill fitting their off the rack suit pieces are, until they have something that is custom made to fit their body. Trey went into a fitting room where a 3D body scanner took 300 measurements in about 30 seconds, to ensure a precise fit. We were offered coffee (or a drink from the full bar) as we went over their EXTENSIVE fabrics. They even have a secret poker room for clients to use at their leisure. (Does it get cooler than that?!) Georgie even came along for the family outing.

I wore some of my pieces I grabbed from the Nordstrom sale for the day. The Anniversary Sale  still has one week left! I know I keep chatting it up, but it really is my favorite sale of the year. It’s been so hot in Nashville that it’s hard to think about fall items, but when you see the savings, it’s totally worth it! One of the best staple items I purchased were these leather pants. They are actual pants, rather than a legging, like most faux leather bottoms. They also come in a great olive color.  My exact blouse is sold out, but you can’t go wrong with a similar classic cold shoulder top.

We have a lot of traveling coming up in August. I’m so grateful to be able to travel with Trey and the babe, and show G as much of this world as we can. I’ll be capturing these trips to share with ya’ll very soon. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week!




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