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Leather Pants  |   Heels  | Bracelets | Top

Alton Lane has to be one of the coolest showrooms I’ve ever stepped foot in.  I had the pleasure of meeting the owners thru a friend and they explained to me the ins and outs of custom menswear, their body scanning technology, how they came about, their showroom design and so much more.

My husband and I had a great afternoon getting him measured and picking out fabrics to design some custom tailored pieces to become staples in his wardrobe. Most people don’t even realize how ill fitting their off the rack suit pieces are, until they have something that is custom made to fit their body. Trey went into a fitting room where a 3D body scanner took 300 measurements in about 30 seconds, to ensure a precise fit. We were offered coffee (or a drink from the full bar) as we went over their EXTENSIVE fabrics. They even have a secret poker room for clients to use at their leisure. (Does it get cooler than that?!) Georgie even came along for the family outing.

I wore some of my pieces I grabbed from the Nordstrom sale for the day. The Anniversary Sale  still has one week left! I know I keep chatting it up, but it really is my favorite sale of the year. It’s been so hot in Nashville that it’s hard to think about fall items, but when you see the savings, it’s totally worth it! One of the best staple items I purchased were these leather pants. They are actual pants, rather than a legging, like most faux leather bottoms. They also come in a great olive color.  My exact blouse is sold out, but you can’t go wrong with a similar classic cold shoulder top.

We have a lot of traveling coming up in August. I’m so grateful to be able to travel with Trey and the babe, and show G as much of this world as we can. I’ll be capturing these trips to share with ya’ll very soon. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week!





Nordstrom Sale!!

Nordstrom Sale


Jackets (Left to Right) – Suede |  Burgandy with Fur | Emerald

Lace-up Sweater | Watch | Hat | Scarf | Duffle Bag | Leather Tote Bag

Pants (Left to Right) – Leather | Knee Slit Jeans | Black Distressed

Shoes (Left to Right) – Over the knee | Western Bootie | Wedge Sandal


Neutral Rustic Glam Decor

You Are My Sunshine Rustic Sign | Kate Spade Thermal Mug | Hey Gorgeous Pillow | Hi Handsome Pillow | “Pinkies Up” Wine Glass | “Beer Me” Glass | Our World Travels Pallet Sign | “Big Plans” 2017 Planner | Faux Fur Throw | Striped Throw | Cowhide | Throw Pillow  | Cross Stich Throw Pillow | Soy Candle | Ox Skull Canvas

I’m pretty sure it is NOT a coincidence that my birthday weekend happens to fall on my favorite sale of the year! In my humble opinion, this is the best sale in retail! The Nordstrom sale features the new fall pieces at HIGHLY discounted prices, BEFORE they hit the racks for the season. After the sale, the prices go back up to the normal MSRP.

If you are a Nordstrom cardholder you can start shopping now. I personally like that you have the option to have a Nordstrom debit card, which simply links to your debit card and you can accumulate rewards. This way you don’t have to have another credit card if you aren’t comfortable with that. If you are not yet a Nordstrom cardholder, you can sign up here . The sale opens to the public on July 22nd. It’s always a good idea to put the items you want into a wish list, and once it hits public, you can go ahead and purchase!

If you have been following me for awhile now, you probably know I have a serious obsession with jackets. There are some GREAT ones on the sale!! I can’t tell you how good the tan suede jacket is. I already had it in a navy blue color, and I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it. This fur leather jacket comes in burgandy and black, AND the fur is removable. It’s under $100 and such a great staple piece. Possibly my favorite item that I bought on the sale were the leather pants. They come in both black and olive. They are an actual pant (not a legging) so you can wear them with absolutely anything this fall. I loved them so much I braved this heat to wear them to a store opening the other night. My best buy from last years sale had to be the Joie Western Booties in a greyish color. They brought them back in black and I couldn’t pass them up. They are so comfortable and go with anything and everything.

Many people don’t realize that the Nordstrom Sale also has tons of home goods available. I’ve been wanting to upgrade our guest bedroom for a long time, so this was perfect!

I didn’t want to spend a ton on new furniture, so I decided to order some a new bedding and decor to make it flow better with the rest of the decor in our home. This ox skull canvas will really make a statement for the room. I also wanted to add a cow hide for under the bed. This is one of the best neutral colors that I have seen and at a great price point. I went with a white comforter, so I thought it would be fun to add some mix and match throw pillows and blankets all in neutral colors. This striped throw blanket has lots of different textures.

I couldn’t pass up a few little things for Georgie’s nursery. As travel lovers, our hope is to bring G to as many places and have him experience as many travels as possible growing up. How great is this World Travel Pallet? You can take a sharpie and write a little something at each place you visit. I think it’s something he can have with him forever and treasure. I plan on putting the date we traveled to each location on the map. I also loved this $30 You Are My Sunshine Rustic Sign. My grandfather used to play this song for me on the piano, so it is extra special.

I bought 5 of these Kate Spade thermal mug. I love the design, and at $11 they are the PERFECT gift. It’s always nice to store something away and if you need a small little gift, you have it on hand.

I hope ya’ll find some great deals and shop your little hearts out!