Backyard Entertainment

backyard entertainment

Backyard Entertainment

Getting outside (even if it’s in your own backyard) is so good for the soul. Soaking in some sunshine and enjoying quality family time has been the best way for us to stay happy and sane during this crazy time.

We have had a few things that make for fun nights at home and wanted to share.

Patio Cocktail Hour-

Here is a little bar for two that is under $200. You can check it out HERE. I also LOVE this wine chiller that holds the whole bottle of wine. It is currently on sale for 40% off.

Outdoor Movie Nights-

This is such a fun idea! You’ll need a giant screen and a projector to bring the theater feeling for this backyard entertainment.

Giant Yard Games-

These oversized games are always a hit. Oversized Dice, Jenga and Connect Four are all fun and under $100.

Backyard Games-

Bocce Ball

Corn Hole- Bean Bag Toss

Backyard Picnics-

This always makes a great gift idea too! The picnic cooler elevates any backyard picnic.

Toddler Lounging-

This toddler sized lounger is on sale for $89 and the perfect place for kids to relax outside. (So cute too!)

Kid Sized Adirondack Chairs are always a hit for around a fire. These can be personalized with their names and come in other colors as well.

Backyard Activities-

Tree Swing- The boys have been loving this! Be sure to check the dimensions and make sure you have a tree that will work for this one.

We liked that this trampoline was fully enclosed and lower to the ground. A bit safer for younger ones.

Water Activities-

This oversized blow up water slide has provided non stop entertainment for our boys for the last two seasons. There is a climb up, two slides, a bucket dump and the bottom is a little pool. It is currently on sale and ships quick! It is super easy to blow up as well. You do need to be careful when storing this. It needs to be dried completely each time before storing.

Dino Sprinkler– There are also several other giant sprinkler options. Rainbows, unicorns, etc.

If you love these backyard entertainment ideas, be sure to check out this charcuterie picnic blog post HERE!

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