Balancing Mom Life And Work Life- “AND not OR”

new york street style

Balancing Mom Life And Work Life- “AND not OR”

new york street style

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new york street style

“AND” not “OR”. Ok, stick with me here for a second.

Since I’ve become a mama I’ve had this notion that to be a “successful mom” I had to be with my boys at alllll times.

Guilt consumed me any time I would leave them or even look away to do anything for myself.

Ya’ll I have peed holding a baby. Multiple times actually. Not proud of that one, but it happened. The attachment is real.

I had this spark in me that wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I put water on that flame. I thought I had to choose between the two. Mom or business lady. “OR” not “AND”.

After lots of soul searchin’, podcast listening, scouring blogs, I found that is simply not the case.

How does one pour everything into their kids while also pursuing a career? (I’m talking stay at home mom life for me….) HARD DANG WORK. It can be done. It might take staying up late, missing out on some fun times to work, and a few tears here and there. BUT. IT CAN BE DONE.

The key to this is learning how to be intentional and efficient with your time. (The amount of things I can cross off a to-do list could win a dang award!)

Be where your feet are. When you are with your children, give them your all. Same for work time.

It’s important to be an example to our kids of what hard work looks like, as well as loving them hard.

You can be a great mom AND run a great business.

So cheers to chasing crazy kids AND crazy dreams.

We got this.

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