Best Amazon Finds For Men

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Best Amazon Finds For Men

Trey is taking over the blog for this one! I’m usually the shopper of the family, but when it comes to Amazon… he keeps our front porch filled up on the regular.

So here’s what he has to say about the best Amazon finds for men….

Apple TV
It’s awesome. I probably don’t use it to it’s full potential, but as far as it being a hub to stream anything for my phone, and keeping my iTunes and Apple Music up to date so I can stream anywhere in the house, it’s perfect. I also downloaded some apps that allow me to stream anything and everything on the projector upstairs. Simple to use, and great 4k quality.

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera (works with Alexa)– I read a ton of reviews and was some what skeptical at first. I got a two of them after Ashley wouldn’t stop bugging me about getting some. Georgie broke 3 other baby monitors. These are high quality, easy to set up, and you can stream them on your phone or through your Fire TV wherever you are. (AND G hasn’t broken them yet…)

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Face Wash– Ashley bought this for me as a gift, and I re-order non stop. Best face wash I’ve found and really, really works.

Fry Pot– This 14 qt fry pot is their big daddy. I like it because I have a bigger propane burner and it distributes the heat perfectly. I can let fish, or chicken, or whatever we are cooking up have space but still cook in large batches. I used it to cook a New Year’s day meal for 65 people…. so it works well.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade– This has been staple for a while. You want to slick it back, your want to comb it over, it will lock it down! It’s water based so it doesn’t just clump up and stay, but it holds great. Their other products are really good too, I have just used this one for some time.

Multicam Gloves
Mechanix gloves have become my “go to” for riding my motorcycle and anything else really. As long as its not too cold, they don’t have insulation. They’re durable but still have dexterity so I can easily shift gears.

Screen Cleaner Kit
This Screen cleaner kit was something I found after we moved and there were finger prints on all the tv’s. I found this and it works great. It gets off juice, or yogurt, or whatever else the kids manage to get on any electronics. It got all the finger prints off computer where people touch the screen to point something out, like stop doing that, you don’t have to touch my computer screen to point something out. Great product, came with shammy, love it.

Butane Torch Lighter– Butane torch is a must have if you are doing any type of brûlée’s. We don’t make them a lot, because I don’t work out enough to justify 10k calorie dessert, but this torch is easy and defiantly does the trick. Also, any time you need a quick sear on something you baked in the oven like fish or chicken breast, it’s super helpful.

Best Air Mattress Ever– Air Mattress King is awesome. Since both kids have cribs in their rooms, we only have 1 guest bed. We get a decent amount of company so we needed another option. I have slept on many an air mattress and they were TERRIBLE. I took a chance on this one and haven’t looked back. Built in pump, sits up high, stays inflated, and is pretty comfortable I have to say. I did get the Lucid memory foam topper to put on as well and it fits perfect.

Led Zeppelin Hardcover– Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin is just one of the best rock and roll coffee table books ever. It’s so personal, so many pics I have never seen from one of my top 5 bands of all time. It’s immersive and effortless a the same time.

Bug-A-Salt Lawn & Garden Gun– It’s a game, it’s a tool, it’s fun all the way around. Also, it’s effective. You can load it up with regular table salt, patrol the house and take out flies, spiders, yellow jackets, or any other breaching bugs. Kids love it too.

Patagonia Puffer Vest– Patgonia mens vest 5 moths out of the year its my go to quick run somewhere throw on. Nashville has very vesty weather, little cool, little foggy, little rainy, and this is great for all that. Plus, it flatters a dad bod. (AKA belly.)


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