Best Podcasts & Books on Positive Thinking

Best Podcasts & Books on Positive Thinking

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I’ve found myself being overwhelmed lately with mom life, events, work life, etc. It was time for me to reel it in and get back to the basics so I started re-listening to The Secret. Instantly my mood changed. I was more patient with my babies, inspired with my work, and more happy in general.

My friend Caroline Hobby is such a joyful person and once told me that you get to choose what you think. You can choose to think positive thoughts or you can choose to think negative thoughts. It’s so simple, but powerful. What you think becomes what you are. (P.S. Be sure to check out her podcast Get Real with Caroline Hobby.) Sometimes you just need a kickstart to adjusting those thoughts. If you need a place to start this list is great!

Not complaining and maintaining a really happy attitude does not come naturally for me. Sometimes you just need to get in the right headspace.

Best Podcasts & Books on Positive Thinking

* The Secret – If you read one book it should be this one! I’ve read and listened to this multiple times. If you’ve wondered about how powerful positive thinking could be, this explains everything. It’s powerful stuff!

* The Lively Show- Jess Lively – She’s all about intention. There’s a reason she’s had over 10 million downloads. If you need to re-adjust your mindset into thinking of “why” you are doing things and be more purposeful than this is for you.

* Julie Solomon- The Influencer Podcast – This is my absolute go-to for all things “influencer”/blogger/entrepreneur. She’s positive and to the point. There are so many powerful women as guests that bring knowledge and insight into this field. I’ve noticed that each guest she’s had has a common theme, and that is their positive attitude towards their business.

* Oprah Winfrey’s The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights From Super Soulful Conversations – Oprah is the Queen. This audio book focuses on opening your heart and being truly present in your life.

* The Gratitude Project – Living a positive and happy life is rooted in being grateful for what you currently have. This is such a cool podcast that was inspired by Georgian Benta’s goal of inspiring 100,000 to change their lives through gratitude. Gratitude is a habit, and this podcast dives deep into that aspect.

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