Birthday Invites for Georgie with Minted

How in the world am I already planning Georgie’s first birthday?! As soon as I knew I had to start the task I sat down and cried. I know it’s cliche to say, but this year truly flew by. “The days are long, but the months are short.” This has proven to be more true than I would like to admit.

We decided to go with a Woodland Animal theme, since G lights up around animals and the outdoors. I’ve turned to Minted for our holiday cards and G’s birth announcement so I was so excited to partner with them for his birthday suite.

They had so many options it was hard for me to choose! I went with these because they had a more neutral color palette and that’s what I want to keep throughout the decor. Minted also offers artwork, and party supplies!! One stop shop.

This mama can only get so much done during G’s nap time, so having the option to have the envelopes addressed for me was such a huge help. The address book saves from each occasion, so I simply clicked on the addresses we needed for this event.

Be sure to follow along with me on Pinterest (@beauandarrownas) to see what I’ve got up my sleeve for his party. If you see anything that would fit our theme, please send the pin my way! I love getting input whenever I can.

Here is the link to the exact invite. It was originally a baby shower invite, but Minted is fully customizable so we were able to work with an independent artist to convert it to a birthday invite. It also had a matching thank you note which I loved.

How is my sweet baby boy’s first birthday right around the corner?! I’m sure there will be many more tears to come. Can’t stop crying at these milestones. I just want him to need me forever, but my goal as a parent is to raise an independent, kind, and moral adult. Oh the irony.

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