The Ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Party

Nashville Bachelorette

nashville bachelorette

Nashville bachelorette

Nashville Bachelorette

nashville bachelorette

Nashville Bachelorette

Nashville Bachelorette

nashville bachelorette

nashville bachelorette

nashville bachelorette

nashville bachelorette

This past weekend, I hosted ten of my sister’s besties to our home for the ultimate Nashville Bachelorette Party! We had a blast and I wanted to share some of what we did. There is so much more to Nashville than the pedal tavern!

If you are the type of group to get an early start, then you are in luck! Nashville is home to so many amazing coffee shops. I’ve rounded up my favorites around town in a previous post that you can find HERE.



Restoration Hardware (Green Hills) – So picturesque! The perfect girls brunch spot too. It’s absolutely beautiful and the food is so good! The bellinis are delicious and we also got really good coffees to bring us back to life after a long night out. My go to order is the lobster roll.

Bar Taco (12th South)- You just can’t beat fresh made margaritas and tacos! It’s located in a very walkable area to shops and other things to do.



Geist (East Nashville)- We couldn’t recommend this place anymore! They have a Champagne Garden, and since it was so nice out we sat outside. The food is absolutely amazing! BONUS: You can saber a champagne bottle! This really sets the tone for the evening and is such a fun touch. It comes out with sparklers and was just so much. (Note, you have to purchase the Moet bottle price point or higher to do this. Totally worth it, we were all able to split the bottle and have a toast to start the weekend.)

Sunda (Gulch) – Sushi is always a good idea! There is a private room you can rent and even do sake tastings. They have sushi rolling classes and lots of other festive options. It’s fun to order apps and sushi tapas style and have everyone share. This way you get to try a variety from the menu. Also, their noodle dishes are incredible if there are girls in the group who don’t eat sushi!


My sister’s number one request was to karaoke, so that we did!

Ms. Kelli’s Karaoke Bar (Printer’s Alley)- This isn’t anything fancy, but it was fun! It’s right off Broadway, but it’s always fun to sing some “Any Man Of Mine” on a bachelorette party!

Broadway… ok so I’ll be up front. It’s not always my favorite place to go. It’s typically very crowded, and can become a tourist trap. BUT it is a Nashville must on a trip for at least a honky tonk or two. Singing some live country music can be super fun! Tootsies is a classic and I also like Robert’s Western World.

Rooftop Bars

Bobby Hotel (Downtown)- If a giant bus on top of a building doesn’t scream party spot I just don’t know what does. HA! But really, it’s such a unique and fun spot to bring a girl group.

LA Jackson (Gulch)- It’s on top of the Thompson hotel. Always a fun time and makes for great pictures on the top. We walked here after going to Winky Lux and Kittenish and before dinner at Sunda.

Rare Bird (Downtown)- It’s on top of the Noelle hotel and so pretty!



No girls trip is complete without a little retail therapy!

Kittenish (Gulch)- There is an adorable mural inside with heart shaped balloons and it reads, “Nashville Stole My Heart.” The perfect picture opportunity for a commemorative shot. It’s affordable and has really cute stuff!

H. Audrey (Green Hills)- My go to shopping destination. A higher price point, but they really embody “Nashville fashion” and their selection is so perfectly curated.

White’s Mercantile (12th South)- An old time general store vibe with a little bit of everything.

ABLE (Nations)- I did a full post on why I love this so much that you can read HERE.


Fun Activities 

Our favorite and most memorable part of the trip was at Winky Lux. Winky Lux is a luxury make up line at an affordable price point. (Plus it’s all cruelty free!) The front of the store is a make up store where you can purchase all kinds of goodies and the back is an experiential set of rooms. AKA an Instagram dream for the cutest pics ever! It’s kind of like a mullet store. Business in the front and party in the back. You can rent out the back rooms to have a private time with your party. (This is the route we took!) They even offer floral crowns, braid bars, and they partner with The BarBees for speciality cocktails as well. It’s such a unique experience as was by far the highlight of the bachelorette weekend! I couldn’t recommend this more. It’s something so different and will truly make your trip stand out.

Another fun thing to do in Nashville with a girl group is take some pictures with a few of the famous murals throughout the city. I have an entire post dedicated to all of those HERE.

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