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For Mamas:

White Jeans | Slip On Suede Bootie |

For the babe:

Baby Bird Shirt |   Camo Moccasins |  Leather Moccasins  | Goodnight, Nashville Children’s Book  |

On our second stop for the Nashville Guide’s social takeover we stopped at Rich Hippies in Germantown. (They also have an East Nashville location.) This is the sweetest little baby shop, and I have found so many of Georgie’s clothes, toys, and decor from this shop. So many people think that when you have a baby you have to throw style out the window and allow your house to be taken over by bright red and blue gaudy baby items…. I just couldn’t let this be the case! It took some searching, but I have found tons of adorable baby products that don’t compromise style. If you are not local to Nashville, I have linked some of my favorites of Georgie’s items and items you could find at Rich Hippies.

G is wearing these adorable skinny jeans. I think he looks so cute in jeans, but I wanted to find a pair that were still comfortable for him. These are super soft and strechy (and under $10!). He also had on my favorite item we have for him, baby moccasins. However, they were kicked off and I forgot to put them back on him for the pictures. Mom fail.

I received this mama bird shirt as a gift while I was pregnant. I was so excited to be able to pick up G the matching baby bird shirt. (I will get a pic of both of us in these very soon!)

My mom and sister are both teachers and they always stress to me the importance of reading to your baby from a young age. G is just now starting to stare at the pictures and enjoy me reading to him. My favorite is this Goodnight, Nashville children’s book. We also have found Goodnight, Alabama and Goodnight, Cardinals  to show him where mommy and daddy grew up. (And eventually it will help him understand where his grandmas and grandpas reside.

This shape activity mat is great for the babe to practice tummy time, and is one of those items I was saying is actually stylish. I love it! We also love these sweet animal baby rattles. (They make a great gift too for under $10.)

One of my favorite items is a decorative marquise style lightbox. You can interchange the words for different occasions and put the months/week age for your pictures.




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