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Traveling with a Baby and Family Fashion

Chaser Brand

Traveling with a baby is no easy task, but with some organization and patience it’s well worth the trouble!

On Me: Similar Tiger Tank | Leather Diaper Bag/ Backpack | White Cut Off Shorts | Platform Wedge Sandal | Aviators

On Georgie: Graphic T-Shirt | Baby Jeans

On Trey: Baseball Graphic Tee | Sunglasses

Traveling with a baby is no easy task, but with some organization and patience it’s well worth the trouble! We are a family on the go, and often get asked “how do you do it!?” Not going to lie, it’s hard. I really love making the memories, and introducing G to so many new places and things. For our family, it’s worth the trouble.

This past weekend we took a quick Memorial Day weekend road trip to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area.

First, we went to a concert for one of Trey’s artist. It’s always fun to see G clap and dance along to the music. It’s SOOOO important to put noise cancelling headphones on your babies ears! You can shop the ones we use HERE. (These make a great shower gift for music loving couples….) One of the tricks (and we don’t have this mastered just yet, but we are trying) is to keep the baby on as much of the same schedule as possible. So I left the concert early to go back to our hotel and get G in bed close to his normal bedtime.

The next day we headed over to Dollywood. If you are a Tennessee native, I recommend this park for the little ones! It’s a nice and clean family park that’s nestled in the Smoky Mountains. There are lots of trees for shade, and it’s extremely stroller friendly. They had a little baby splash pad and playground with soft foam that G just loved! Trey and I ate our way through the park. I’m talking corn dogs, potato twirls, funnel cake, root beer floats….no calories were spared here. It was a pregnant girls dream. We also had fun going to the fair section and playing the games. (Trey even won Georgie a little stuffed animal!) There were also a couple baby friendly rides that G could do.

Tips for traveling with a baby on a road trip:

* If you can schedule to leave the house right when they typically nap it is easiest. This way they can sleep as much of the car ride as possible, and stay as close to their daily schedule as possible.

*As tempting as it is to stay out late and just have them sleep in the stroller, do your best to head back to the hotel and let them sleep in a pack in play or something similar to their home schedule. A crabby baby doesn’t make for a fun trip….

*If they sleep with a sound machine, special blanket or anything else…bring it along! Keeping that home like feeling is key!

* Have lots of snacks, books, and toys on hand! If one of you can sit in the back during the car ride itself and read or play…bonus points.

* Stay calm. HA!

We are a t-shirt and jeans kinda family. I truly swear by Chaser brand because of the quality and how soft the fabric is. I just realized G can fit in their smallest size…and I couldn’t be more excited! Now we can all wear it.

I know I’ve mentioned the jeans G is wearing before, but they are the best out there. Trust me, I’ve tried A LOT. They are designer, but at a great price. They are made of a knit material and not a typical denim, so they are super soft and strechy. You can shop them HERE.

I’m still stuck on the white on white trend this summer. Pretty daring with a baby…

Daniel Wellington just launched the classic petite leather watch in white!!! IT goes perfectly with my white on white summer uniform. The one pictured is with the rose gold detailing. You can get 15% off by using promo code “BEAUANDARROW” when you shop the watch!!

P.S. These comfy platform wedge sandals are part of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. Only a few days left to shop it so don’t miss out!


Skirts for Spring with Asos & Family Time

On Me: Deconstructed Pullover Sweatshirt | High-Waisted Black Denim Skirt | Snakeskin Western Booties | Bracelet Stack | Hat

On Trey: Leather Jacket | Black Jeans |

On Georgie: Camo Moccasins | Stripe Hoodie | Grey Jean

Asos has been a go to lately for finding both Trey and I clothes. (They sell maternity too!) I’ve been wanting to find some skirts for spring, and they had so many great options! Since denim jackets and skirts are having a moment, I went with this high-waisted black denim option. It’s super affordable. Whenever I’m looking for “trendier” items, I opt for an affordable version. Then I’ll pair that with some designer classics. A little wardrobe building hack for ya.

Trey got this leather jacket as a birthday present (from yours truly) this year, and I must say it’s been quite the staple piece for his closet. It’s a bomber version, which makes it look a little more modern. A good leather jacket is the best investment for a guy. If you are in need of a present idea for your man, that would be my recommendation!

Georgie looks so cute in little baby jeans, but I’m picky about which ones I will put him in. I tend to lean towards options that still have a ton of strech (not like a true denim material at all) so he is still comfy. Of course, he is wearing his camo moccasins because they are the only shoes he will let us put on him.

We try to get out and about as a family on any weekend Trey is home, and spend quality time together. The zoo, the park, a patio brunch, walking around Cheekwood Gardens, hitting up Franklin historic downtown shops, a festival, anything we can get outdoors and spend time together. It’s important to us for Georgie to experience as many things as he can. When you stop to think about how crazy it is that each of these things is the first time he is experiencing anything like that. This is the way I like to teach him, through real life experience. He is such a people watcher, and I can see his little brain just acting as a sponge and taking every little sight and sound in. It’s truly one of the joys of parenthood experiencing all those small things through a fresh set of eyes again.


Freshly Picked Moccasins- Georgie’s Milestones

On Me: Camo sweatshirt | Skinny Jean | Slip-On Bootie

On Georgie: Camo Moccasin | Jeans (much softer/strechier than a typical jean) | Waylon Jennings Baseball Tee

Are there any other mamas out there that get just a teeny bit sad when their little hits a big milestone? Of course I burst with pride, but it’s always bittersweet because he has gained independence and needs me just a little bit less. Georgie has always been a very active little one. He was quick to roll over, crawl, and now take those first wobbly steps. The boy would prefer skipping walking all together and just run free! (Keeping up with him helps me get my excercise in daily!)

We’ve taken him to the zoo and to playgrounds, but his face lights up the most when he is in a big open field. Endless room to run and play!

Since he is such a mover, I’ve had the hardest time keeping shoes on his feet. The only ones that seem to do the trick have been the Freshly Picked moccasins. They are soft, but give his little feet protection now that he is crawling and walking around everywhere.

I have the leather pair in a stone, because they are so neutral and he can wear them with virtually everything. Recently, we also got the camo color. I treat these as a neutral as well. G is all boy so they fit his little personality so well!

Since finding out baby #2 is also a boy, I’ve had just a tinge of gender disappointment. I know that G and baby boy 2 will be the best of friends, and that makes my heart smile. However, that doesn’t stop the images of me teaching a little girl “first position” and watching her from a dance stage or dressing up in matching outfits. I’m making the most of the situation, and “coordinating” with G. This camo sweatshirt with patch detailing is super soft and lightweight and goes with G’s adorable moccasins.

P.S. Be sure to check out my Instagram this week for a giveaway featuring a pair of these moccasins. Trust me mamas, you won’t want to miss it!


Old Traditions & Starting New Ones









On Me:  Embellished Top  | Black Ankle Pants | Booties | Long Cardigan

On Georgie: Vest | Baby Jeans | Mocassins

One of the reasons I love fall so much is that it signifies the start of the holiday season. Now that we have a little man in tow the holiday season just seems so much more exciting again. I have always been a person that embraces change. After too long in one place, I get a little stir crazy. I’m all about changing up anything and everything at the drop of a dime. The exception to this being holiday traditions. 

When you first get married and join into a new family, one of the fun aspects is partaking in their traditions. However, I think it’s really important as a new family unit to make some of your own traditions that are special to you. The thought of Georgie passing these down to his own family one-day is so exciting to me! 

The only holiday he has been here for was the 4th of July. Trey’s family typically gets together at the beach house for this holiday and Memorial Day. They have a cookout and say the pledge of allegiance. It’s a special thing for them, and it was exciting to have G there to be a part of it. 

Halloween is the first holiday that we will be in Nashville with our own little tribe. I wanted to establish something that would be special for us to do and we found Cheekwood botanical gardens. They had a little pumpkin house, a bluegrass beer garden and thousands and thousands of mums. It was so fun to take G to get his first pumpkin, and also have some QT with Trey and a pumpkin beer. 

I hope to follow through and keep doing this year after year so he will eventually look forward to it. 

It was a little warm, but I was all about the fall spirit that I was didn’t mind sweating a little in my long cardigan. (Ridiculous, I know.) This embellished top gives me all the fall feels. I originally got it in a size smaller, but wanted a looser more shift like fit so took one back for a larger size. I live in boyfriend style cardigans that I can cozy up in during the fall and I love the fit of this one. Also, pockets. Enough said. 

I’m sure ya’ll are sick of these black jeans by now, but they are just so good! Same with my go to open back booties.

How cute is G’s little puffer vest?! It’s under $20 and a must fall staple for little boys. I got so many compliments on it. 





Bell Sleeves & A Baby









On Georgie: Zip-Up Hoodie | Moccasins

On Me: Crop Skinny Jean | Slide On Bootie | Bell-Sleeve Top

It’s finally feeling like fall. Hallelujah! The greatest part of the new found cooler temperatures is being able to spend more time outdoors. Georgie wasn’t quite big enough to be outside for any long period of time this summer. I’m ready to take full advantage of patios and parks.

G and I had a mommy/son lunch date the other day and walked around a nearby neighborhood. He loves being outside, and I love to be able to get out of the house a bit so it was a win-win!

How cute is this hooded zip-up jacket on Georgie?! I love the leather detailing on the zip. It does come in a white and pretty blush (for any girl mamas out there) as well. I love the hood option to cover his little ears, if it gets too windy. Luckily, he’s still fitting in my favorite moccasins. These were a shower gift, and possibly G’s most worn item. He gets complimented on them all the time!

I love the bell sleeve trend and couldn’t pass up this striped top. (P.S. It’s $20!) If you have stopped by the blog before, you know I can’t stop wearing these cropped skinny jeans. Best purchase that I have made in a hot minute.


Colorado Weekend Getaway

Denver style

Nuna stroller


new mom style

Denver weekend

suede jacket


Fringe jacket



White T-Shirt | Leather Sneakers | Jacket: BCBG Max Azria (Sold Out) Similar (same color Here |  Similar Jacket (Under $100) Here | Similar Jacket in an olive color Here | Black Jeans | Bracelets | Black Fedora | Skull Cashmere Sweater (I’m wearing it wrapped around my waist in the picture, it matches Georgie’s onesie)

On Georgie:

Fuzzy Ear Hat | “Change the World” T-Shirt | Skinny Jeans | Moccasins | Zip- Up Hoodie |

Skull Cashmere Onesie | Baby Headphones |

As a kid, my family always took our summer vacations out west into the mountains. We would drive all the way from the St. Louis area. When we FINALLY arrived we would find a stream, pull over on the side of the road and go put our feet in. I’ve been hooked to going there ever since.

When Trey and I first started dating we went on a little trip to Colorado. We drove up into the mountains from Denver, and just got to know each other and listened to music. I knew he was a keeper after the trip. It’s our “happy place.” Breathing in the mountain air takes out the stress in life.

I was SO excited to be able to take Georgie there for the weekend. Trey was gone with one of his artists’ album release the prior week, so I flew alone with G and met him at the Denver airport. (Blog post soon coming about flying alone with a baby. It can be overwhelming, but after 7 flights with G, I have learned some tricks of the trade.)

After a delayed flight and lots of airport waiting, we finally reunited with Trey and headed straight to a show. It was G’s first true concert, and where better to see it than Red Rocks?! It is such a beautiful venue. We had a great night, catching up with the Blackberry Smoke boys and them meeting the little guy.

The next day we took off into Breckenridge. Something about that mountain air must have put the baby to sleep. He slept for 5 hours that day! We walked around Breckenridge and checked out the cute little shops, got some lunch, and drank some local brew beers. It was also about 30 degrees cooler than Nashville. Perfection.

Since we both have family in Denver, we went to dinners and brunches with them. If you are heading to Denver soon then I HIGHLY recommend staying JW Marriott Cherry Creek. They were extremely accomodating of G. The hotel  is nestled in between the best shops in Denver and within walking distance of great coffee shops and restaurants. We met Trey’s aunt and uncle for dinner at True Food Kitchen. It’s a great eco-chic healthy restaurant. Get the edamame dumplings (you can thank me after.) 

The next morning we met my cousin and his wife for brunch at Lola’s. It was so fun catching up with them over Mexican mimosas, chorizo gravy biscuits and the best table side guac I’ve ever had. (I consider myself a guac connoisseur.)

I can’t wait to go back!


I can’t wait to go back!










Rich Hippies

baby boy fashion




baby boy clothes

baby style



For Mamas:

White Jeans | Slip On Suede Bootie |

For the babe:

Baby Bird Shirt |   Camo Moccasins |  Leather Moccasins  | Goodnight, Nashville Children’s Book  |

On our second stop for the Nashville Guide’s social takeover we stopped at Rich Hippies in Germantown. (They also have an East Nashville location.) This is the sweetest little baby shop, and I have found so many of Georgie’s clothes, toys, and decor from this shop. So many people think that when you have a baby you have to throw style out the window and allow your house to be taken over by bright red and blue gaudy baby items…. I just couldn’t let this be the case! It took some searching, but I have found tons of adorable baby products that don’t compromise style. If you are not local to Nashville, I have linked some of my favorites of Georgie’s items and items you could find at Rich Hippies.

G is wearing these adorable skinny jeans. I think he looks so cute in jeans, but I wanted to find a pair that were still comfortable for him. These are super soft and strechy (and under $10!). He also had on my favorite item we have for him, baby moccasins. However, they were kicked off and I forgot to put them back on him for the pictures. Mom fail.

I received this mama bird shirt as a gift while I was pregnant. I was so excited to be able to pick up G the matching baby bird shirt. (I will get a pic of both of us in these very soon!)

My mom and sister are both teachers and they always stress to me the importance of reading to your baby from a young age. G is just now starting to stare at the pictures and enjoy me reading to him. My favorite is this Goodnight, Nashville children’s book. We also have found Goodnight, Alabama and Goodnight, Cardinals  to show him where mommy and daddy grew up. (And eventually it will help him understand where his grandmas and grandpas reside.

This shape activity mat is great for the babe to practice tummy time, and is one of those items I was saying is actually stylish. I love it! We also love these sweet animal baby rattles. (They make a great gift too for under $10.)

One of my favorite items is a decorative marquise style lightbox. You can interchange the words for different occasions and put the months/week age for your pictures.