Skirts for Spring with Asos & Family Time

On Me: Deconstructed Pullover Sweatshirt | High-Waisted Black Denim Skirt | Snakeskin Western Booties | Bracelet Stack | Hat

On Trey: Leather Jacket | Black Jeans |

On Georgie: Camo Moccasins | Stripe Hoodie | Grey Jean

Asos has been a go to lately for finding both Trey and I clothes. (They sell maternity too!) I’ve been wanting to find some skirts for spring, and they had so many great options! Since denim jackets and skirts are having a moment, I went with this high-waisted black denim option. It’s super affordable. Whenever I’m looking for “trendier” items, I opt for an affordable version. Then I’ll pair that with some designer classics. A little wardrobe building hack for ya.

Trey got this leather jacket as a birthday present (from yours truly) this year, and I must say it’s been quite the staple piece for his closet. It’s a bomber version, which makes it look a little more modern. A good leather jacket is the best investment for a guy. If you are in need of a present idea for your man, that would be my recommendation!

Georgie looks so cute in little baby jeans, but I’m picky about which ones I will put him in. I tend to lean towards options that still have a ton of strech (not like a true denim material at all) so he is still comfy. Of course, he is wearing his camo moccasins because they are the only shoes he will let us put on him.

We try to get out and about as a family on any weekend Trey is home, and spend quality time together. The zoo, the park, a patio brunch, walking around Cheekwood Gardens, hitting up Franklin historic downtown shops, a festival, anything we can get outdoors and spend time together. It’s important to us for Georgie to experience as many things as he can. When you stop to think about how crazy it is that each of these things is the first time he is experiencing anything like that. This is the way I like to teach him, through real life experience. He is such a people watcher, and I can see his little brain just acting as a sponge and taking every little sight and sound in. It’s truly one of the joys of parenthood experiencing all those small things through a fresh set of eyes again.

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  • Shelby Katelyn
    March 22, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Digging this look, Ash! You have the most adorable family!