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Family Photos | Tips on Coordinating Outfits

family phots

So excited to share our family photos!

What to wear to family photos

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coordinating family fashion

Nashville Blogger

Nashville Blogger

family phots

Nashville Blogger

Nashville Blogger

Nashville Blogger

Nashville Blogger

family photos

family photo ideas

family photos

On ME: Dress | Lion Ring |
On TREY: Button Down | Pants |

Real talk… getting myself and the boys ready for this picture and packed in the car to meet Trey and my friend/photographer might have been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It took hours of planning, packing their diaper bags, sippie cups/snacks, change of clothes, loading the car. Then waiting till G napped to rush in the shower and attempt to do my make up. Then getting each of them ready without the other one crying, etc. Whew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it again.

Once we got there G decided he wanted nothing to do with picture taking that day. Par for the course. He normally is so sweet and cooperative. Not this time! Baby tantrum. He only wanted to play with a puppy he spotted from afar and eat dirt/throw sticks.

My original idea for this post was tips on taking family photos, because I do get asked that a lot. However, given the train wreck that was my children during these, I decided to stick to some tips on coordinating outfits. At least I got that part down!

How to Coordinate Family Photo Outfits (without looking cheesy)

1. Everyone does NOT have to match perfectly. (I know every family has done the all white beach pics, but we don’t need to all match. Keyword here is coordinate.

2. Make sure and choose a fairly neutral backdrop. You don’t want something super bold in the background to steal the show, or compete with anything else in the shot.

3. Don’t be scared of a little print. (However, no ones prints should match exactly.)

4. If you are unsure, stay in the neutral family. (Grey, black, white, tan, denim, etc.) They can all be mismatched easily.

5. Pick one persons look to start. (I knew I wanted to wear this dress. Even though it is orange, there are white, tan, grey, and sage colors in it as well. I pulled those colors for the boys!)

6. Don’t pick anything overly “trendy.” Fashions and trends are constantly changing, there is no way around that. However, if you want something that stands the test of time don’t go head to toe trendy fashion on every family member.


Blanqi Maternity Wear and Mom Guilt

If you happen to have followed me during my first pregnancy, you know that I didn’t invest in many “maternity” clothes, this go around Blanqi maternity leggings and the tank top have been the exception!

Support Leggings | Support Tank | Leather Diaper Bag | Mama & Mini Bandana Set

If you happen to have followed me during my first pregnancy, you know that I didn’t invest in many “maternity” clothes, this go around Blanqi maternity leggings and the tank top have been the exception!

At 30 weeks pregnant today these are still the only maternity type item I’ve worn. This go around my back has really been bothering me. I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy related or Georgie related. (He weighs 23 pounds, and wants held A LOT..) Either way, the support from these leggings and tank have helped. The other reason that I can validate purchasing something “maternity” is that these are great for after.

I was not prepared for anything after birthing Georgie. I had no clue what to expect. Any mamas out there know you feel just a little strange, and having support over the belly is needed!

Blanqi maternity leggings/tanks are completely seamless. They can be worn on their own (this is how I have them pictured), but you can also treat them as a “base”. Meaning, you can put a t-shirt over the tank, or a kimono on over the set. (Ya’ll know I’m kimono obsessed, so I wear them like that a lot.)

Since, I have been loving them so much I’ve partnered with the brand to do a giveaway. Head over to my Instagram for all of the details. (@beauandarrownashville)

Side note, the mom guilt has been real lately. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve really been doing a lot of reflecting. I’m so excited for G to have a built in best friend in just a few short weeks, but I’m so worried he will feel left out or like he’s not getting enough attention. He’s still so young, and he’s used to having my full attention all day every day. (Well besides the once a week we have a nanny come, and he still gets all of her attention…)

Mom guilt is just one of the things that you never think about before you have a baby. I need time away to have a few moments to myself, but then feel guilty being away. I have mom guilt over staying home with him. Am I doing him a dis service not having him in a program with other kids?! Then I have mom guilt over thinking about sending him to a mom’s day out program, when I could have one on one time with him those two days.

I know we are all out there doing are best, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters! One thing is for sure, and that’s G will always know he is loved by me!!! (Maybe, too much. Mom guilt.. am I smothering him?!) HA! Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day week!


Rich Hippies

baby boy fashion




baby boy clothes

baby style



For Mamas:

White Jeans | Slip On Suede Bootie |

For the babe:

Baby Bird Shirt |   Camo Moccasins |  Leather Moccasins  | Goodnight, Nashville Children’s Book  |

On our second stop for the Nashville Guide’s social takeover we stopped at Rich Hippies in Germantown. (They also have an East Nashville location.) This is the sweetest little baby shop, and I have found so many of Georgie’s clothes, toys, and decor from this shop. So many people think that when you have a baby you have to throw style out the window and allow your house to be taken over by bright red and blue gaudy baby items…. I just couldn’t let this be the case! It took some searching, but I have found tons of adorable baby products that don’t compromise style. If you are not local to Nashville, I have linked some of my favorites of Georgie’s items and items you could find at Rich Hippies.

G is wearing these adorable skinny jeans. I think he looks so cute in jeans, but I wanted to find a pair that were still comfortable for him. These are super soft and strechy (and under $10!). He also had on my favorite item we have for him, baby moccasins. However, they were kicked off and I forgot to put them back on him for the pictures. Mom fail.

I received this mama bird shirt as a gift while I was pregnant. I was so excited to be able to pick up G the matching baby bird shirt. (I will get a pic of both of us in these very soon!)

My mom and sister are both teachers and they always stress to me the importance of reading to your baby from a young age. G is just now starting to stare at the pictures and enjoy me reading to him. My favorite is this Goodnight, Nashville children’s book. We also have found Goodnight, Alabama and Goodnight, Cardinals  to show him where mommy and daddy grew up. (And eventually it will help him understand where his grandmas and grandpas reside.

This shape activity mat is great for the babe to practice tummy time, and is one of those items I was saying is actually stylish. I love it! We also love these sweet animal baby rattles. (They make a great gift too for under $10.)

One of my favorite items is a decorative marquise style lightbox. You can interchange the words for different occasions and put the months/week age for your pictures.