Black Friday = Basics and Big Ticket Items





091b98d5-dac1-48d6-97e8-de7ba84e5870Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, fashionistas! I love a holiday that involves food, family and being humbled by all the reasons I am thankful. The whip cream on that pumpkin pie? Black Friday sales! One tip I have always gone by is making the most of the sales by purchasing my own big- ticket items and basics (and gifts!) at this time. You can really get the most bang for your buck on this item. I love shopping BCBG during this time, because you can start making the most out of these sales NOW! They run your card on Black Friday morning and you can stay in your pajamas and not have to fight the crowds. I purchased this coat on the sale and I absolutely love it. I always try to get a coat around this time for the upcoming winter, and why not get it when it’s 40% off?!?! I love that it has thumb holes built in, a fur hood AND is comfortable.

Puffer Coat | Beanie | Jeans




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