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Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

valentine's gift guides

Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite

If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day inspiration…check out this blog post HERE. with how to make a dessert board. It’s always the biggest hit!


My Full Review Of Veneers & Veneer FAQ With Dr. Thomas Nabors

My Full Review Of Veneers & Veneer FAQ With Dr. Thomas Nabors

I have been contemplating getting veneers for years, but had a lot of concerns/misconceptions that held me back. Once I started researching, I realized there is not a lot of transparency available. I decided to share my experience in it’s entirety to help someone else contemplating veneers make a decision that is best for them. Dr. Nabors, very kindly, accepted my invite to share his wealth of knowledge and draw back the curtain on the cosmetic dentistry field.


First of all, I don’t think you need to ever change anything about yourself to be beautiful. However, if there is something that you seek to alter about your looks to boost your confidence….go for it!

I’ve always been very self conscious about my smile. I never had braces. No braces, partnered with my lack of enamel, made for a smile that didn’t match how I felt in the inside. I’m a genuinely happy person and wanted a big, bright, white smile that would match how I feel. It was important to me to keep the integrity of my natural teeth. For me, my ultimate goal was to look in the mirror and still feel like myself, but upgraded.

After lots of “smizing” in pictures, not to look like a model, but to hide my smile, I decided it was time for veneers. What I saw in my smile in the mirror and how I felt inside were simple not matching up.


There’s a bit of a dark secret in the cosmetic dentistry world that I wouldn’t have ever realized without having the intel of one of my closest friends and next door neighbor who is a cosmetic dentist. She encouraged me to be very particular with who I chose to do my veneers for a multitude of reasons. The bottom line is that not all dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry are actually trained to do so. Crazy, right?

There is no dental “specialty” in cosmetic dentistry. To become an oral surgeon, orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist, etc. you have to complete, and pass, a specialty training program and be licensed in that specialty. However, general dentists can do all of the things a specialist can do, but there is no way to validate the skill level or training, like a specialty board.

For example, getting your wisdom teeth out. An oral surgeon goes to 4 years of specialty surgical training and often obtains and MD degree as well. Becoming an MD/DDS. Plus, a residency program. They would pass state and national board exams to be a certified oral surgeon in the state of TN. You can validate that as a consumer. That is NOT the case with cosmetic dentistry.

To have teeth altered, or know the skill set to not alter them, for porcelain veneers is not a board certified specialty. So, any general dentist can do porcelain veneers. However, most, if not all, have very little, if any, training on how to do them in dental school. So, most, if not all, of their training must come after dental school graduation and is entirely elective.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the largest cosmetic dental organization in the world. They have the only peer reviewed examination process there is in cosmetic dentistry and it is clinical case work that is submitted and evaluated by their peers. There are less than 500 dentists in the world that have been able to complete it. Dr.Nabors is one of the cosmetic dentist that is a part of this elite group. This gave me great confidence in my decision to use him as my dentist.

Make sure you ask the correct questions to see if they have the correct credentials. Dentist can actually just purchase memberships to make their “title” feel more impressive. For example, For example, Dr.Nabors is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, etc. He simply pays a membership fee to be a part of these organizations.

So his title looks like this:

Thomas Nabors DDS

Looks impressive (and he is TOP TIER and is impressive) but other dentist could not have the training he does, or anywhere close, and still have the same long, fancy title. Be sure to see their cosmetic resume and not fall for a misleading title.


Item #1. Any dentist that is Accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has chosen to participate in the most extensive and thorough post graduate training in cosmetic dentistry. The difference between AACD, and AAACD is huge. (That extra ‘A’)

The Academy of General Dentistry is the second largest dental organization in the United States. Second only to the American Dental Association. The AGD offers a Fellowship program that is voluntary. It tracks your dental continuing education and you must complete hundreds ours of extra training in all areas of dentistry. Then, you are tested on all of it, and if you pass, you are a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. So, you can me a paid member, AGD. Or, you can be a FAGD (fellow), and that is a huge difference.

Item #2. Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry.

Any dentist can place veneers. Choosing a trained dentist is a HUGE difference. You don’t want to have to re-do anything due to things not being done properly in the first place.

A veneer can mean different things to different dentists. Some, very aggressive tooth removal, to others, very minimal tooth is removed. What type of porcelain you use is also very different per practice. Each dentist must use a laboratory to actually make the veneers. Some are very expensive and do amazing work with amazing quality. Others, use cheap materials and cheap quality. An inexperienced dentist using cheap materials and lab support is not a recipe for success in the long run.


1. Consultation– I went in for a consult and asked a million questions. I learned if I was a good fit, what I would need to achieve the look I was wanting and the cost of that.

2. Teeth/Gum Cleaning– A lot of patients wouldn’t need this. I had some gum disease that needed taken care of before placing the veneers. It meant a lot to me that Dr. Nabors made sure that my teeth and gums were completely healthy BEFORE placing the veneers. This saved me from possible problems down the road. I really appreciated that the health of my mouth was as high of a priority as the cosmetic aspect.

3. Temporaries– For my particular case we used a laser to raise my gum line, did very minimal prep work to the teeth and then placed the veneers. We also took x-rays, pictures, and impressions of my teeth. They had me completely numb and on nitrous oxide. I could hear everything, but felt nothing. It is a strange thing to hear, but it was a fairly quick appointment. Mine was about two hours.

My temporaries were on for two weeks. This time is used for deciding if there is anything you want to change as far as size/shape etc. The temporaries are not the coloring or texture of the final porcelain veneers. They are all bonded together, so during the two weeks you can not floss in between. It’s a strange feeling and an annoyance, but again, there is no pain. I never took more than a Tylenol right after my appointment.

4. Veneer Placement- This was truly one of the happiest days for me. Similar duration and experience as the temporaries… around two and a half hours.

First, they popped off the temporaries. This is a strange feeling as you can hear the prying and poking, but I was totally numb and felt nothing. The veneers were placed, but not glued in, so that I could see what they would look like. They then placed the veneers and shaped them. Afterwards, they cleaned them up and removed everything left over from the temporaries. We also did impressions and pictures at this appointment.

I was able to eat and drink as normal by that evening.

5. Follow-Up- We made sure everything was exactly how I wished it would be. We slightly brought one of the teeth up and then did some after pictures. It was a very quick and easy appointment.

** If you’d like to watch videos of this entire process.. you may do so on my Instagram on the Highlight “Veneers.” You can find that HERE. **


* Cost?

This was by far the most frequently asked question and for good reason. When I started my research online it was very hard to find an answer.

Dr. Nabor’s veneer fee is about 2K per veneer, but that includes everything. No surprises. This covers everything in the case. Whitening, gum contouring, hygiene for a year – before and after if needed, x rays, exams, images, models, anything to make the case great. Keeps it simple.

For example with my case. 1o veneers = $20,000. All in.

* Are payment plans offered?

Yes, most clients use financing. Care Credit has been the best, and easiest. 6 months to 5 years.

* Is there a minimum amount you have to take a case?

No, they can do as little as one tooth. But, for the case fee, it’s two or more. For a single, we have to identify individual items.

* Do you have to file your teeth down?

Every case and every tooth is different. The goal is always to do as little to the tooth as you have to. Some cases require no filing at all (small teeth, spaces.) Some teeth require minimal shaping (this was the case for mine.) Also, it depends on if cavities are present, old veneers or crowns, etc.. But, you should know what is required of your case before you start. Finding a talented dentist helps with this as well.

* How painful is the process?

For me, the pain was very minimal. I never took more than a Tylenol.

* “I have an extreme fear of the dentist, but I want veneers so desperately. I’ve been watching your stories and you did not get put under. Did you choose not to? Is that an option????”

Honestly, prior to this, I hated going to the dentist. I would go a few years in between cleaning even because I would get so anxious. This was very doable. It was pretty non invasive, and no real downtime. Dr. Nabors likes to be able to talk about the process, the temporaries, etc. Their office can bring in a dental anesthesiologist and he is awesome. But, there is additional fees for that, as he is an independent contractor. He comes in and you would pay him separately from their office.

* “What is the down time after procedure? How many days would I need to take off?”

Appointments are typically 2- 3 hours. You are a numb (in some instances) a bit after that. I went to hot yoga the night after getting my veneers placed. VERY little downtime.

* How many veneers do people get on average?

8-10. (I got 10 upper veneers.)

* “What exactly did you ask for? I LOVE yours so much!”

I wanted a realistic, but nice bright white. Same DNA as my smile had as far as shaping, just improving the parts I didn’t like. (For instance, I had a tooth that was turned that I wanted to appear straight.) I wanted them to look like my teeth, just the way I always wished they would be improved.

* “I’m looking into this seriously, but would be coming to Florida. Is there a way to expedite the process to not make as many trips?”

“Absolutely, We have had clients from all over the US this year. We make the process two in person appts, about two weeks apart. We have a travel kit that includes GLO whitening so you can do that prior to your trip. It also includes a “what we love” info sheet about where to stay (5 boutique hotels are within 2 blocks from us.) We want it to be fun. We also send an impression kit with a return label, so you can send us your impressions prior to coming so we have what we need before arrival. Two appts, about 2 hours each, and about 2 weeks apart. ”

(Took this one direct from Dr. Nabor’s , as I didn’t have a travel experience.)

* “Are these like breast implants where you need to replace every 10 years?”

No, they never plan on re-making a case. He has cases that are 20 plus years old. Porcelain, when done right, does not have a wear out date. You do need to take proper care of them and accidents can always happen. With that being said, it’s a long term investment.

* How much is a consult fee?

No charge. They want people to have access to information. It’s a big decision, and they are happy to provide that for anyone interested in improving their smile. You can check out Dr. Nabor’s Instagram HERE and his website HERE if you are looking to book a consult.

I truly couldn’t possibly recommend getting a consult enough. It was an amazing decision for me!

* What happens if you change your mind and want them off?

Straight from Dr. Nabor’s on this one:

“Honestly, that has never happened in 27 years. But, no tooth removal veneers can be removed, but it’s a decision that everyone needs to go all in on or it might not be best for you. But, keeping the client involved in the look is key. Doing the temporaries like we do, then seeing the case prior to placement, on the teeth, is key to building confidence.”

* “Will they help with teeth sensitivity? My teeth are so sensitive it hurts to eat too much salt even. Ughh.”

Yes, they help seal the teeth, and restore them.

Right after placement, my teeth were pretty sensitive, a couple weeks in and I have noticed GREAT improvement in my sensitivity.

* What does “prepless” mean?

No tooth is removed at all. By definition, when you prepare a tooth, you are removing some tooth structure. Prepless means you are not prepping the tooth, there is no need to.

* Will they stain over time? Do you have to keep getting them whitened?

They do not. You will not have to do any upkeep whitening on the teeth with veneers.

* “Are there foods you won’t be able to eat now? Corn on cob, apples, etc? Wouldn’t that break them off?”

Things that could break a normal tooth (ex. chewing ice) could also break a veneer. They are as strong as teeth, but not stronger.

* “Are there different kinds of veneers? Are they all the same or did you have to pick a material or something?”

There are many types of dental veneers and it’s important to choose the right material for the case. Not all porcelain is the same, so not all veneers are the same.

** If you have any questions that I can answer, please reach out. I’m happy to help by sharing my experience! **

I couldn’t possibly be any happier with the outcome of my case. Huge thanks to Dr. Nabors for helping this dream of mine become a reality!

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Holiday Gift Guides 2022

holiday gift guides

Holiday Gift Guides 2022

With all the shipping and inventory delays this holiday season I wanted to be sure to get holiday gift guides out to you early. I never want anyone to feel pressure to shop or gift give during the season, but if you are on a mission to find the perfect gift for a special person in your life, I’m here to make that process simple!

I will also be doing a small business gift guide and an experience gift guide in the following days.. be sure to check back for those!

** As always I appreciate you shopping our guides and supporting our family. When you shop via these gift guides I receive a very SMALL commission from the retailer. This cost you nothing, but I always want to be transparent about this. **



Nordstrom Sale Guide 2021

Nordstrom Sale

Nordstrom Sale Guide 2021

First of all, I wanted to start with saying that I know there is a lot of “push” for this sale. Don’t feel pressure to shop the sale, just to shop. I always find great staple pieces and wonderful finds, but never buy something out of “pressure.” The Nordstrom sale really pushes their credit card to shop the sale early. If a retail credit card is not the best decision for your family… DON’T DO IT!

If you’ve followed along in the past, you know this is like Christmas to me! It always falls on my birthday week so it’s become a tradition to shop it as a birthday treat. The big sale is a little different this year, but it’s still on and strong. This page will be periodically updated as more information becomes available, so be sure to bookmark and check back for the latest news and my style guides. I’ll be breaking down favorite finds in each category, how to style them and Nordstrom Sale best practices.

Since the stores are often extremely crowded during the sale, I wanted to make it easy to shop online this year from the comfort of your home.



The Nordstrom sale is so much different than your typical sale because it features heavily discounted brand-new, newly released items for Fall. It also features items that rarely ever go on sale. These NEW releases then go back up to full price post sale.



Early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts on July 12, and the sale opens to everyone on July 28, 2021.

July 12: Early Access for cardmembers with Icon status.
July 14: Early Access for cardmembers with Ambassador status.
July 16: Early Access for cardmembers with Influencer status.
July 28: Anniversary Sale opens to the general public.



You can check your card status, RIGHT HERE to see how early you can shop.



One thing I always like to note (typically not discussed) is that if opening a store card is not the right financial decision for you and your family, DO NOT DO SO FOR A SALE!!! We do not have store credit cards and were able to do the debit card option when that was available. (You still receive points, but it is a card that is linked directly to your debit card.) While I absolutely find the best deals and love this sale, it’s never worth jeopardizing your family’s financial well being over a pair of shoes. Make sure you only sign up for a card or shop on a card if it’s right for YOU.


You can preview the entire catalog, HERE!


First up, my absolute top picks of the sale. I’m a total crazy person and have searched through every single page in each and every category multiple times. There are a few things that pop up each year on the sale that I know to stock up on.

** Click on any of the below images to shop. **



Agency Skincare Review- Custom Skincare Made For Your Specific Needs

custom skincare

Agency Skincare Review- Custom Skincare Made For Your Specific Needs

custom skincare

I have gotten to a place where I’m feeling confident in my skin. However, I have a few trouble areas and concerns that even after trying a heap of different products, are still bothersome to me. AGENCY is totally different than anything I’ve ever tried. I’m blown away with the process and the products.

AGENCY is personalized, research-backed skincare made for you by a licensed provider. All from your home. No in-person appointments needed. I know. Crazy, right?! I was very impressed.


Step 1: Share your skincare/anti-aging goals and your specific wants and concerns with your provider. You also send over pictures of your skin so your provider can have a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

Step 2: Your custom Future Formula and/or Dark Spot Formula is created and delivered to your doorstep.

Step 3: You begin implementing the products into your skincare routine. Your skincare provider then checks in to ask how you are doing and can adjust your products over time as needed. Refills will ship directly to your doorstep every two months.


I loved that I was able to implement products to help my specific needs into my current routine. I chatted with my provider about the products I was already using to make sure everything would work together seamlessly.

When I was pregnant with Wilder I developed a dark spot on my chin that really bothers me. I’ve tried over a dozen products over the last couple years and nothing has seemed to fade the spot. Trying products that don’t work feels like such a waste of money and is frustrating. I loved this dark spot treatment that was made just for me. After three years it is finally lightening up! My Dark Spot Formula has been so great for hyperpigmentation and dark spots on my skin.

The products had a very luxurious consistency. The texture was super creamy.


Products are vegan and cruelty-free.
They will tell you specific instructions on when/how to use your products.
Your name and all of the ingredients are on the bottle!


All products will have varying ingredients based on your needs. I added pictures of the backs of my bottles as an example.

Future Formula: Contains 4 active ingredients along with aloe and vitamin E.

My Future Formula includes:
*exact formulation will vary from person to person!

Tretinoin *prescription-strength
Gold-standard prescription retinoid derived from vitamin A
NOT a retinol (which is available over-the-counter)—tretinoin is a prescription-only ingredient!
Helps boost cell turnover and treat fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots

Tranexamic Acid
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Helps fade dark spots such as melasma, sunspots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

An industry-favorite topical form of Vitamin B
Helps improve elasticity and soften fine lines

ProVitamin B
Helps lock in moisture and maintain a healthy skin barrier
Helps heal skin with its regenerative properties

Dark Spot Formula: 4 active ingredients and vitamin E.

My Dark Spot Formula includes:
*exact formulation will vary from person to person!

Azelaic acid
Helps treat multiple skin concerns at once
Helps fade dark spots, reduce redness, and improve skin texture

Kojic acid

A natural antioxidant derived from fungi
Helps fade and prevent discoloration such as sun spots and melasma

An antioxidant that helps repair damage, fade dark spots, and boost collagen production

Green tea extract
Rich in antioxidants
Helps hydrate the skin, soothe inflammation, and fade dark spots


I’ve truly never found anything quite so unique on the market and I’d love for you to get to experience AGENCY as well!

They have given me a custom sign up link for you to try your first month of custom skincare. Your first month is free! You only pay $4.95 for shipping. Click HERE to get started with AGENCY.

** Thank you to AGENCY for sponsoring this post and providing the products for me to try and give my honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I will never share anything I don’t truly use and LOVE! **


30A Girls Trip With Sanders Beach Rentals

30a girl's trip

30A Girls Trip With Sanders Beach Rentals

30a girls trip

We spend so much of our time in the Panhandle of Florida area and absolutely love it. The beaches have white sand, beautiful teal water and the prettiest watercolor sunsets.

This trip I stayed with some girlfriends in the WaterColor area. It was so nice to have a house that was big enough to comfortably host a large crew and also be within walking distance to amenities. Click HERE to check out the house we stayed in with Sanders Beach Rentals. You can check out their other available properties HERE.

The home is walking distance to WaterColor Beach Club, which is where we spent a lot of our time. You can get beach rentals through the beach club as well as access to multiple pools, bars, etc. Cabanas are available for rent and you can order food directly to your pool chair. It’ a great spot for adults or kids.

If you are thinking about taking a girl’s trip… 30A is such a perfect spot. We were able to lay poolside or hang at the beach during the day and hit up a couple beach bars at night. (Bud & Ally’s and AJ’s are both fun late night spots!)

Vendors From The Trip-

Food & Drink:

Hey Mama Wines– The house was stocked with Rose and their rose cans! Love their girly packaging.

Graze30A– Beautiful charcuterie boards. We had it at our beach bonfire, but fun touch to stock your home and snack on during your trip.

** Finding reservations for large groups in the 30A area can be difficult. If you plan on doing that make your reservation as far in advance as possible. A great alternative is bringing someone into your home rental.**

Hibachi Joe– One of the highlights of the whole trip. He brings hibachi to you. His food is top notch and much better quality than your typical hibachi. We set it up out by the pool and it was just the most fun time. He’s so funny and truly made the experience extra special.

Emerald Coast Catering– They set up a fajita bar for us one night to enjoy at the house.


Beach Brothers Beach Service– There is something SO special about a beach bonfire. They bring everything and tear it all down. You just show up and enjoy the prettiest sunsets!

Gilbert Glassworks– We took a glass class and I really enjoyed trying something new! Would be perfect for a rainy day.

Grove30A- If you need a beauty filled day.

** Need some help knowing what to pack? I’ve got a full blog post on some beach wardrobe staple pieces that you can find HERE. **


June’s Favorite Finds

June's favorite finds

June’s Favorite Finds

** Click on any of the below images to shop. **

Sharing some of my favorite recent purchases that I’ve been loving and enjoying for June. I wanted to do something special this month.. so I’ll be giving away everything on the list of June’s favorites to a lucky winner to enjoy! To enter… follow me on my Instagram HERE! When you like and comment on each of the pictures for the month of June you are automatically entered to win!

1. Tiffany Necklace Look For Less- The Tiffany chain necklace is so beautiful, but has a nearly $13k price tag… this one looks nearly identical for under $25.

2. Oversized Striped Beach Towels- Comes in a pack of 4. These are really soft and I love how oversized they are.

3. White Boar Bristle Brush- This will give you a lot of extra shine in your hair. It reminds me of some of the super pricey brushes on the market, but is under $20.

4. Lightweight Striped Pajamas- Come in tons of prints. Lightweight and so insanely soft and comfy. They have a short option as well.

5. Croc Purse- Looks so much more high end than it’s under $50 price tag. Comes in several color options. The chain adds so much texture to the bag! Fits as a crossbody and can hold a ton.

6. Kaftan Dress- Comes in several colors. Perfect throw on and go summer dress and can also be worn as a cover up. Love that you can wear it with sandals alone or dress it up with a pair of wedges and big earrings for a night out. Can’t beat the $35 price tag!

7. Necessaire Body Oil- Run don’t walk on this one. I’m a huge Necessaire fan. Their products are clean, facial grade for body and just the most incredibly luxurious feeling products on the market. This oil is not to “oily.” It absorbs into the skin and gives you an incredible glow and hydration.

8. Vitamin C Face Wipes- These smell AHH-mazing! I use these as a refresher for my face after hot yoga in addition to remove makeup. They are perfect for the summertime to have in your bag as a refresh as well.

9. Nude Lipstick- The shade color is “Kim KW” in this one. It’s a perfect nude for spring/summer and does not dry your lips out at all.

10. Pattern Plates & Bowls- These are such a pretty print for summer. We like to dine outdoors this time of year and these are perfect! Affordable as well.

11. Face Vase- I love interesting pieces like this that are neutral, but add something a little special to your home decor. Alice Lane Home is one of my favorite places to find beautiful home furnishings and they have given me a 10% off code to share with you all. Code: ASHLEYWILSON


Father’s Day Gift Guide

father's day gift guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

** Click On Any Of The Below Images To Shop**

Father’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve got you covered on a gift to give dad that he’s sure to love. I always look forward to doing the Father’s Day Gift Guide each year and sorting through finds and bringing you the best of the best.

For The Master On The Grill-


For The Guy Who Likes For You To Shop For His Clothes-



A Personalized Touch-

Under $40-




High Tea Themed Baby Shower

high tea baby shower

High Tea Themed Baby Shower

Raising children really does take a village and I feel so blessed to have some amazing women in my life to “mom life” with. My sweet friend Nicole Digiacobbe (@thedigigirls on IG) is having her third baby girl and we wanted to celebrate that in a fun way.

We decided to do a “high tea” theme and kept everything floral and girly for baby girl #3.

I was lucky to co-host this shower with some fabulous ladies you should check out! My nearest and dearest, Kristen Brust. She is over on IG at @kristen.brust and has a podcost “In Kristen We Brust” that will make you equally laugh and cry. Mallory Ervin (@malloryervin on IG) and Holly of @ourfauxfarmhouse.

For our catering we used High Tea Tennessee. They take care of everything so that the host can actually talk and enjoy the party instead of rushing around to tend to the food and drink.

We really wanted to do something a bit different and special and this was absolutely a hit! Professional wait staff will make your guests feel like royalty while serving your selections in courses.

Set-up, delivery, and collection is included in all of their parties, along with the option of serving your guests, so you don’t have to worry about lifting a finger at your event! All tea parties include vintage bone china, napkins and runners, fresh flowers, tiered serving stands and platters, and complementing decor for you to enjoy the delicacies of a fancy tea party. Traditional afternoon tea selections like bite-size tea sandwiches, warm scones, and freshly baked sweets are served alongside piping hot tea.

It’d make such a unique bridal/baby shower, birthday, holiday, etc. The owner was so generous to offer a discount to use on your first tea party. To book your tea party, use code 20OFF for 20% off your party (book by June 16th for my discount) and check them out at @highteatenn on IG.

Vendors We Used And Loved:

Event Space: Ozari Nashville– Located in the L&L building. This space is wide open so you use it for so many different types of events. It has beautiful natural light and I love that your guests can easily park on site.

Light Up Letters: Alpha Lit Nashville– These make such a BIG impact at your event. They are a showstopper and quickly become the photo spot at any event.


Rentals: Please Be Seated– They put on some of the most dreamy events in Nashville and have everything you could ever think of for party rentals! P.S. the owner, Mary, is hysterical and shares all things “delegating parties” on her IG account, @mrssouthernsocial.


Fairmont El San Juan Hotel- Puerto Rico

el san juan hotel

A few weeks back my friend and I took a much needed girls trip to Puerto Rico. We stayed at the El San Juan Hotel by Fairmont.

As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is excluded from the CDC requirement to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test to return to the mainland United States. As a U.S. citizen you also do not need a passport to travel to the Island. It makes Puerto Rico a great tropical getaway option. Be sure and check with the latest CDC needs to enter.. we needed a negative test to enter, but not to return. They did offer tests at the airport as well.

We planned on staying at the resort a majority of the time so we wanted somewhere with some great restaurant options.

Our favorite restaurant at the hotel was Caña by Juliana Gonzalez. It’s a great way to try some authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in a modern way. We LOVED the breakfast at Caña. They had fresh squeezed juices and some of the most amazing coffee options! You can sit out on the patio so you can have an amazing view as well.

However, the restaurants fill up quickly! You need to reserve as early as you can on Open Table. There aren’t a ton of great options within walking distance to the hotel. The last night we tried walking down in the morning to book for that evening and it was full… so be sure to plan ahead!

Our favorite thing we did was enjoy a Cabana that is front of the beach and around the pool. It’s a great way to have a beach view with the luxury of cabana service. We had lunch at the beach club and drinks. It was so nice to be able to have that option and relax.

In totally honesty, our room view left much to be desired. The rooms itself are nice, but make sure you get a sea view room!

One of the days we took an Uber into Old Town San Juan. Super charming! We enjoyed coffees and strolled around to see the famous kite street and the architecture of the pastel buildings.

** I shared a blog post with a lot of my staple items to pack for the beach HERE! **