Enjoying The “Small Stuff” – Wilder’s First Haircut

Enjoying the “Small Stuff” – Wilder’s First Haircut 

Yesterday I had all intentions of coming up with another “Christmas outing” to take the boys on. 

You know, Christmas lights, Santa, Ice Show, Polar Express.. the list is endless.

The weather was terrible and Wilder was recovering from an ear infections, so we made the decision to just stay in instead. By “stay in” I mean we never got out of our pajamas until bath time. To change into a different pair of pajamas.

IT.WAS.MAGICAL. The boys were so fun as we built forts, cooked together, snuggled, danced to Christmas music, and truly enjoyed each others company.

If only I could have pressed pause on the life control remote…

But we can’t. In fact a lot of times it feels like we are running in “fast forward” instead. What we CAN do to savor these precious moments (whatever that stage of life is for you) is slow the rush and enjoy the “small stuff.”

Recently, we all went along for Wilder’s first haircut at Barbour 3. It was a special “small stuff” moment that we could have just rushed through like any other haircut.

Instead, we went as a family. We ate suckers, cheered him on and made the most of it. 

This holiday season, if you have a bit of time off from the normal  hustle and bustle, I hope you can relish in the “small stuff.” Stay in your pajamas all day. Serve your community with a group of friends.

Truly be “present” and relish the quality time with family and friends. 

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