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26cb27cc-9a37-4cd2-942f-5d6a24dc852fJeff (the guy behind the lens for B&A, who is also a high school friend of mine) and I spent way too much time at the most adorable coffee shop in Franklin, TN the other day. I love finding little hidden gems like High Brow Brew. I busted out my J Brand maternity jeans for the first time. I have done the “pony holder trick” to extend my regular jeans, but comfort is key at this point in the pregnancy game. I like these because they just have the elastic added in on the sides. A friend of mine told me you could even take them to the tailor and have the elastic removed after you’ve had your little one. I like the idea of this more than the traditional all elastic top maternity pant, because I can get so much more use out of them! This BCBG jacket has leather sleeves that zip off and it can turn into a vest. Perfect for spring transition! (It’s also 40% off right now!) Hope everyone is staying warm out there. 🙂




Ring Graphic T-Shirt | Over the knee boots (ON SALE!) | Jeans | Jacket is BCBG (In Stores only)


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