Luxe Fall Fashion: Dusters & Embellished Booties

Luxe Fall Fashion Trends:

Duster Jacket | Embellished Booties | Jeans | Tie Front Blouse | Lion Ring | Handbag | Bracelets: Cadyn & Charlie

Well today was quite the manic Monday. We were out of baby essentials so I had to make a Target run with both boys in tow. All started out well and I was feeling proud of myself for getting both babes fed, diapered, dressed, bottles packed, and both in car seats. So proud in fact that when I first walked in I awarded myself a Starbucks.

Then the meltdowns began. It started with Wilder crying and he was inconsolable. (He is colic so nothing new there…) Then Georgie decided to have the meltdown of all meltdowns. Thrashing, screaming, throwing his shoes off,etc. Two sweet ladies even came up to me and offered to help. I practically ran to get two quick items and high tailed it out of there.

After I loaded G into the car and put his TV on to calm him down I realized someone had parked so close to me I physically couldn’t open the door wide enough to get Wilder’s car seat in. I tried from the passenger side front, but that wouldn’t fit either. G’s carseat blocked the way from the back passenger side. I had no choice but to load both babies back up and head back inside. They had to make an announcement of the license plate number over the intercom. Then I had to wait for them to re-park and re-load them back in.

With that being said I try my best to be a glass half full kind of person SO the good news is this duster jacket is back in stock! It’s one of my favorite staple pieces in my closet. It’s so cozy and feels like wearing a robe. Another luxe fall fashion trend I’m adoring are embellished booties. I’m loving THESE because they are neutral enough to still go with everything and the block heel makes them wearable for everyday.

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  • Tara
    September 19, 2017 at 2:37 am

    This duster is stunning!! Beautiful as always!