Nashville Themed Baby Goods with Gugu Guru

Nashville Themed Baby Goods with Gugu Guru!

The countdown to baby 2 is creeping up on us, and I’m so fortunate that some family and friends have asked if we are registered or what we need this go around. One of the good things about having two boys in 14 months, is that we have most of what we “need.” There were some things with Georgie that I wish I would have had and then some things that we need to adjust to two babies instead of one.

I registered at Gugu Guru this time around. It’s completely customizable, so you can add things from any site. When you first sign up you complete a quick survey that gets a good sense of your style and what type of parent you are. (They are images/mood board style so it’s extremely easy). They then match you to items that fit your lifestyle needs and aesthetic. You can pick from those items, and also add items from any website. I found things that truly fit my style perfectly!!

You can also choose to have a Gugu Guru team member review your product choices before publishing your registry. All of the items they have on their site have gone through safety testings and various other protocols to make the cut! If you are completely overwhelmed with all of the products on the market, you can use their concierge service. You tell them your lifestyle, budget, and personal style and they match you with a professional baby planner that will curate a registry just for you. (Wish I would have known about that for G!)

Being a Nashville, music traveling family we thought it would be fun to partner to bring ya’ll a themed registry guide with a Nashville themed baby goods! All of the products are produced here in Tennessee or the Nashville area or are centered around music.

Rowdy Sprout:
These vintage looking band tees and pajamas are the absolute cutest! This company keeps a mom and pop shop vibe, and sells in small batches. All fabric is made & cut in the USA. All products are printed in the USA. Each product is licensed which means we pay royalty to all your favorite bands. (As a music business family this is so important!)

Milkbarn Kids :
This is a Tennessse based company where the products are well made and not mass produced. I love the creative and fun fabrics. It’s a mother-daughter duo and the daughters designs appear on many of the prints! I just love their pajamas, rompers, hooded towels and even little baby robes.

Rockabye Baby! Music :
These are so fun! They are lullaby renditions of your favorite bands. In their words, “Rockabye Baby makes rock music baby-friendly and kids music adult-friendly.” How cool is that?! We played these over my belly when I was pregnant with Georgie, and I contribute this to his love for music now. It’s so fun to watch him react to music and dance along, or a ballad soothe him. We are playing these for baby #2 as well!

Little Bits Nashville :
I love their “love you always” memory box. It makes a great gift, but it makes it easier to write little notes about special memories and milestones that you can share one day with your little one. They also have cute little baby onesies, like this guitar one.

Shop Sugar Babies :
Ok, so this one breaks the Nashville theme, but this Modern Burlap “hello world” swaddle was just too cute not to include. We used swaddles like crazy with Georgie, and not only is it perfect to use to swaddle baby #2, but it will make such a cute background for pictures of him when he is a newborn. This is from the Shop Sugar Babies website, they have such cute brands and baby products!

Even if you aren’t a music city dweller, these Nashville themed baby goods make great gifts for any music lover in your life!

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