Best Recent Internet Purchases

recent best internet finds

Best Recent Internet Purchases

I’ve noticed as my time at home has increased…. so has my online shopping. HA! I truly do love scouring the internet for fun finds to make life easier, great sales or that perfect closet staple piece. There are always lots of returns. I only keep the best of the best and of course pass the gold finds on to ya’ll! Here are the best recent internet purchases that I think you’ll love!

Cropped Cami- This is under $20 and comes in a variety of color options. It’s super comfortable and is great for lounging or working out. There is some padding inside. I sized up for a more comfortable fit and for it to be a bit longer to wear with high rise pants and not show too much mid section.

Tortoise Nike’s- These sneakers are so cute with the tortoise shell swoosh detailing. They are very light weight and neutral enough to wear with anything. At $55 on sale… you just can’t go wrong. If you are in between sizes or if you have a wide foot, size up 1/2 size.

Salad Chopper & Blade- Summertime calls for lots of salad and this bowl and blade makes the perfect chopped salad at home. The restaurant Chopt is a favorite of ours and this is a way to re-create it (easily) at home.

Tennis Bracelet- I have been lusting after a diamond tennis bracelet for years. It’s such a classic and looks great dressed up or down. Super cute stacked with other bracelets or worn alone. This is a faux version, but you could NEVER tell. The quality is shockingly good for the $70 sale price tag. I’ve worn it every day since purchasing it.

Folex Stain Remover- Thanks to our two toddler boys, stains are a daily occurrence. The only way we are able to keep our white furniture clean is with this stain remover. My husband discovered this years ago and it’s SUCH A GEM.

Self Tanner- Gradual self tanner that is fool proof! It’s a pretty golden color with no orange oompa loompa hue. This big bottle is normally $90, but it’s on sale for $36! Exfoliate in the shower before putting it on and wash your hands after for an easy glow.

No Touch Key & Door Opener- This has been so great to have to minimize exposure to germs. You just put this key on your keychain and you can use it to open doors, touch buttons, elevator knobs, etc.

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