Sneaker Roundup

After wearing mostly Golden Goose sneakers the past couple of years, I was in need of a new pair, but wanted to branch out from GG’s. I have gathered neutral sneakers at various price points. If you are looking to branch out from Golden Goose, but still like the luxury look- check out THESE! I just ordered and they look SUPER nice in person. Looking for a more affordable pair that are trendy/comfortable, but also go with everything? These Reebok x Cardi B pair are the way to go. Classic, but the texture on the bottom make them current and around the $100 price point. Comfortable to walk in as well. Happy shopping! (P.S. If you are in the market for Golden Goose or a dupe style similar… check out this blog post HERE on everything GG related. Sizing, dupes, etc.)



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