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Easter Charcuterie Board

easter charcuterie board

Easter Charcuterie Board

Easter charcuterie board

Easter Charcuterie board

Easter Charcuterie board

Easter Charcuterie board

Easter Charcuterie board

While most of us may be celebrating Easter a bit differently this year, we can still make it feel extra special!

This easy to throw together Easter charcuterie board is sure to impress your family and tastes delicious. We took ours outdoors for a little picnic.

Typically when I do a board I have several cheese options. This time I didn’t want to make an extra trip to the grocery store so I used lots of pantry items that I had on hand. These are all great because they have a long shelf life.

To make the board really pop for spring I used some bunny bowls and these pastel chocolate almonds in egg shape.

What To Put On A Spring Easter Charcuterie Board

* Salami & Pepporoni
* Various Cheese Wedges & Slices
* Honey
* Marinated Olives
* Granola
* Dried Apricots
* Chocolate Covered Almonds
* Toasted Almonds
* Cheese Sticks
* Various Crackers
* A Boursin Cheese Dip Topped With Peach Jam
* Grapes
* Pears
* Macaroons
* Mint for Garnish
* Baby Breath Florals For Decoration

You can really just have fun with it and use fruits, cheeses, meats, etc. that you have on hand.

Tips For Building An Easter Charcuterie Board

* Start with your bowls. Follow that with the cheese wedges and items that pair with your cheeses directly around those. (Think meats and crackers.)

* Add in any other large items. (Example, for this board it was pear slices and the honey jar.)

* Fill in with varying remaining items and you can layer them on top of each other to fill the entire board.

Shop The Charcuterie Board

If you love this board I have some for other seasons/holidays too. You can find a hot chocolate dessert version HERE and a Valentine’s themed one HERE.