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Busy, busy, busy!





Printed Jogger | Leather Sneaker | Similar Leather Jacket

This has been quite the busy week for this ole pregnant lady! Had so much fun doing the wardrobe for Drake White’s new music video, Livin’ the Dream, and started ACM fittings for some lovely ladies. Amuse Society has been my saving grace for comfortable clothing I can wear during pregnancy,, but also re-wear after. These printed jogger pants are so comfortable for these long days I’ve been having. Today, I’m bumpin’ right along to my friend and fellow blogger, Mallory Ervin’s event at H Audrey. She’s showcasing the new spring Jennifer Haley bags. I’m so excited to check them all out! Ya’ll will love them! Trey and I went to our baby doc appointment yesterday. They started measuring our little one, and it seems time is flying by faster than ever before!




Life Update









Hope everyone is having an awesome week so. It’s really flown by for me! One of my favorite hats I wear, is stylist. March is always a busy time for this! With ACM’s the first weekend of April, I’ve been working on finding some extra special threads for the artists Brit and I will be styling for the red carpet. In addition, we are shooting a music video for Drake White’s new single, “Livin the Dream.” We have been running around town looking for some perfect boho pieces for the shoot. (I’ll make sure to get some good behind the scene shots for ya’ll!)

On top of styling, I’ve been in full on nesting mode! With the baby shower coming up this weekend, I needed to organize and clear out the nursery closet and make room for Baby W’s sweet new things. Any other (not normally overly organized) mamas out there that can’t stop finding organization projects?! Something about it seems to help my baby anxiety.

AND.. on top of all that I’ve been heading to my doctor’s office more than normal. I didn’t pass the first diabetes test, so I had to go back for the long version of the test.  You fast, drink a horrible glucose drink, and then have blood drawn every hour, on the hour, for 4 hours. Not pleasant. Lucky for me, Trey was able to come with me and keep me company. It gave me some time to catch up on my baby books too.

With all the craziness going on, I’ve been rocking comfy dresses and booties, whenever the weather is permitting. I don’t like anything too tight around my belly for long periods of time. I discovered Amuse Society  on  Revolve Clothing and it has been my pregnancy go to brand. The clothing is pretty inexpensive. (Score!)  I have been able to find lots of great pieces that I can transition from pregnancy, to postpartum, and  (hopefully) back to my normal weight. The floral print is great for spring transition and I love the 70’s vibe. I threw on a leather jacket with it when it got a little chilly, but the back of this dress is so cute with it off.



Dress | Leather Jacket (similar)  | Booties (On Sale!)  | Panama Hat


Third trimester is finally here!




I’ve finally hit my third trimester! I promise you.. when you feel like I have up until now, it’s something to celebrate! Looking back on my second trimester there were a few standout things that I just wasn’t expecting! First, my bump came out of nowhere one morning. I was a late bloomer to the bump club, but I swear I just woke up one morning and it was there! It was the strangest thing. Being pretty naive to all things pregnancy, I did not realize it would also have a mind of it’s own. This thing changes everyday. Sometimes it feels manageable and other days it just feels large and in charge. Some days I look like I am “carrying low” and other days it looks like I am “carrying high.” My sweet babe, also has a mind (and schedule) of his own. Some days he truly feels like he is kickboxing on my ribcage, non stop. Then there are other times, where it feels like the “butterflies” I was expecting it to feel like.

I did have much more energy in the second trimester. (Thank goodness!)  Thanks to said energy, I’ve done lots of “nesting” around our house. Not sure how productive it actually is, but I spent lots of time organizing different spaces. Sometimes it’s more of a game of musical chairs. Objects from one area end up in a different area, until I clean that area and then they just get shuffled around yet again. Keeping busy seems to help with my anxiousness of the baby arriving. So, hey, whatever works.

Actual pants, are kind of a thing of the past. I wear a few pairs if I know I’m not going to be out too long. If not, leggings or dresses it is. I loved this one because it is light and silky and allows room for that ever changing baby bump. It’s all about the comfort as I step into the home strech!