best amazon finds

Best Amazon Finds – New Year Edition

Best Amazon Finds Lately, we’ve been doing A LOT of Amazon shopping. They just make it so easy! I’ve had some new series I’ll be starting, and one I’ll be doing monthly is Best Amazon Finds. I wanted to…

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chili recipe

Trey’s Famous Chili Recipe

Trey’s Famous Chili Recipe Any single ladies reading this? Pro tip…..find a man who can cook! Trey is such a great cook, and nothing is more comforting than a big pot of chili on a cold day. Ok, so…

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Nashville Blogger

Columbia, South Carolina Travel Guide

Columbia, South Carolina Travel Guide   Hunter-Gatherer Brewhouse & Ale   Drip Coffee The Gourmet Shop Hotel Trunle Drip Coffee   Sweet Cream Company Hotel Trundle Bourbon   Warmouth   Lula Drake As a long time subscriber and Garden…

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