Spring Family Activities

family spring activities

Spring Family Activities

spring family activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

family spring activities

On Me: Floral Button Down Dress

On Boys: Bunny Hoodie

If you are anything like my family, you are ready to get out and about in some spring sunshine! My boys are so much happier when we are outside, and there are so many fun spring family activities to keep them entertained, learning and in good spirits.


1. Take a walk. So simply, but just going for a little stroll (babies in wagons, strollers or walking) is great! Just breathing in fresh air and exploring the simple things outdoors right around you is great!

2. Picnic outside. I love doing this! Pack a blanket and some fun picnic friendly foods.

3. Head to a park. Swings, slides, play tag.

4. Do a scavenger hunt. The boys are still so young, but the other day I just hid big items and had G go find them. He loved it!

5. Kick a ball in the yard.

6. Sidewalk chalk!

7. Paint outside. Set up a big huge roll of paper and let them go to town. Then have a big tub of water outside to clean up after so you aren’t worried about the mess.

8. Grab a blanket and a book and read under a tree.

9. Blow bubbles. You can even get a bubble machine and really go crazy. We got this one HERE. (Under $15 and works like a charm!)

10. Go to the Farmer’s Market. For little ones it can be a great learning opportunity to learn different fruits, vegetables, colors and shapes.

11. Let the kids help you wash the car. (Or play in the water…)

12. Build an outdoor fort… (or Pitch a tent to play in outside!)


1. Eggstavaganza is at the Nashville Zoo on 3/31/18. So many fun activities. You can see when all the Egg Hunts are and all the info

2. Cheekwood! We love it here. There are so many beautiful tulips now and they are celebrating “Cheekwood in Bloom.” They also have a fun spring art hop on 3/31 with food trucks, a beer garden for the parents, egg hunts, face painting, rabbit petting, song time, etc. You can find the info on that HERE.

P.S. I’ve got a whole bunch of Easter/Spring home decor, baby goods, spring dresses, and so many other spring goodness up HERE.

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