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Ideas for nesting and summer maternity fashion…

maternity outfit ideas

maternity outfit ideas

maternity fashion

pregnancy nesting ideas

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Being in the third trimester in the heat of summer is NOT an easy task. I’m not usually a huge dress girl for everyday style, but it really has been the easiest way to style the bump. You can stay cool, and most of them work post-pregnancy as well. This dress can be easily dressed up or down, and is so cool. I’m wearing the small for reference, so it’s an oversized fit. It also comes in a top version.

With Georgie I went full out with the “nesting.” I made stuff up to organize and do, because it calmed my anxiety. (This is normally far from my personality.) I haven’t gotten that full blown nesting itch as much this go around. Mainly because I’m so busy attempting to keep up with G! However, sometimes it will still hit and when it hits it does hard!

I wanted to sharea list of some “nesting” tasks you can do when you find that urge! If you aren’t pregnant, a lot of these are great to periodically do when you get some down time.

10 Ideas When “Nesting” Mode Strikes

1. Organize a “diapering” station. In those first few weeks there seems to be a lot of diaper changes. It’s easiest if you can set up one downstairs, and one upstairs if you live in a two-story home to minimize the stair climbing. We used a dresser drawer upstairs with his changing table, and a basket downstairs. Don’t forget vaseline/gauze pads for boy’s, diaper rash cream, wipes and diapers. I also organized the closet with extra diapers by size in little tubs.

2. Put the most used clothes (current size) in the dresser drawers so they are easiest to access. I also rolled up all the swaddle blankets and put them in a drawer. Then, you can organize the other clothes by size in the closet. Once they have outgrown something I also have a tub on top of the closet to throw that into.

3. Pack that hospital bag! (Don’t forget essentials for you, your partner, the baby and if you have any other siblings.)

4. Donate unused clothing and household items. Babies require a lot of “Stuff”. Before you bring a ton of new items in the house, move some out. It is tough for me to get rid of clothes, but I had bags of items I hadn’t worn in months/years. It felt good to see them go. Now I’m trying to get my husband to follow suit…

5. Deep clean the kitchen. (Still working on this one..) I wiped down the cabinets and we will really disinfect the countertops and sink well. This is important if you are going to be doing any bottle feeding.

6. Clean out drawers. I did a MAJOR bathroom drawer clean out. Makeup and hair products I hadn’t been using were given to friends or donated. Then I was able to make sure anything that wasn’t baby friendly, had the proper safety gear on it.

7. Speaking of safety, go ahead and put baby safety items up. (I waited last time, but it’s better to have this done before it’s a problem.) Here is a really great CHECKLIST of all things baby proofing.

8. Prep your guest room for visitors. If you plan on having anyone come to stay to help or meet baby, make sure they have everything they need now. Wash the sheets, stock the guest bathroom with shampoo/conditioner/soap, etc. You can also set up/leave out coffee items or waters in the kitchen, so they have easy access to essentials. This way you won’t have as much anxiety about entertaining, and can put that attention on the new babe.

9. Stock up on ALL home essentials. Toilet paper, paper towels, salt, pepper, hand sanitzer, etc.

10. Save some time for yourself. Having a newborn is a pretty selfless time in life. Go take a nap, get a pedicure/manicure, get a massage, etc. Thanks to G for sleeping 15 hours so I could stock up on some zzz’s!

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