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10 Ideas When “Nesting” Mode Strikes – Maternity Fashion

Ideas for nesting and summer maternity fashion…

maternity outfit ideas

maternity outfit ideas

maternity fashion

pregnancy nesting ideas

| Dress | Shoulder Bag | Platform Sandals

Being in the third trimester in the heat of summer is NOT an easy task. I’m not usually a huge dress girl for everyday style, but it really has been the easiest way to style the bump. You can stay cool, and most of them work post-pregnancy as well. This dress can be easily dressed up or down, and is so cool. I’m wearing the small for reference, so it’s an oversized fit. It also comes in a top version.

With Georgie I went full out with the “nesting.” I made stuff up to organize and do, because it calmed my anxiety. (This is normally far from my personality.) I haven’t gotten that full blown nesting itch as much this go around. Mainly because I’m so busy attempting to keep up with G! However, sometimes it will still hit and when it hits it does hard!

I wanted to sharea list of some “nesting” tasks you can do when you find that urge! If you aren’t pregnant, a lot of these are great to periodically do when you get some down time.

10 Ideas When “Nesting” Mode Strikes

1. Organize a “diapering” station. In those first few weeks there seems to be a lot of diaper changes. It’s easiest if you can set up one downstairs, and one upstairs if you live in a two-story home to minimize the stair climbing. We used a dresser drawer upstairs with his changing table, and a basket downstairs. Don’t forget vaseline/gauze pads for boy’s, diaper rash cream, wipes and diapers. I also organized the closet with extra diapers by size in little tubs.

2. Put the most used clothes (current size) in the dresser drawers so they are easiest to access. I also rolled up all the swaddle blankets and put them in a drawer. Then, you can organize the other clothes by size in the closet. Once they have outgrown something I also have a tub on top of the closet to throw that into.

3. Pack that hospital bag! (Don’t forget essentials for you, your partner, the baby and if you have any other siblings.)

4. Donate unused clothing and household items. Babies require a lot of “Stuff”. Before you bring a ton of new items in the house, move some out. It is tough for me to get rid of clothes, but I had bags of items I hadn’t worn in months/years. It felt good to see them go. Now I’m trying to get my husband to follow suit…

5. Deep clean the kitchen. (Still working on this one..) I wiped down the cabinets and we will really disinfect the countertops and sink well. This is important if you are going to be doing any bottle feeding.

6. Clean out drawers. I did a MAJOR bathroom drawer clean out. Makeup and hair products I hadn’t been using were given to friends or donated. Then I was able to make sure anything that wasn’t baby friendly, had the proper safety gear on it.

7. Speaking of safety, go ahead and put baby safety items up. (I waited last time, but it’s better to have this done before it’s a problem.) Here is a really great CHECKLIST of all things baby proofing.

8. Prep your guest room for visitors. If you plan on having anyone come to stay to help or meet baby, make sure they have everything they need now. Wash the sheets, stock the guest bathroom with shampoo/conditioner/soap, etc. You can also set up/leave out coffee items or waters in the kitchen, so they have easy access to essentials. This way you won’t have as much anxiety about entertaining, and can put that attention on the new babe.

9. Stock up on ALL home essentials. Toilet paper, paper towels, salt, pepper, hand sanitzer, etc.

10. Save some time for yourself. Having a newborn is a pretty selfless time in life. Go take a nap, get a pedicure/manicure, get a massage, etc. Thanks to G for sleeping 15 hours so I could stock up on some zzz’s!

P.S. My favorite sale of the year is just days away. Tomorrow is the last day to get $20 to shop it. Check out everything you need to know about all that goodness, HERE.


Tips, Tricks, Hacks of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

maternity outfit

If you aren’t familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…. you are missing out!!

maternity fashion

Nordstrom Sale

maternity outfit

nordstrom anniversary sale

nordstrom sale

nordstrom anniversary sale

Oversized Tee | White Booties | Guitar Strap Handbag | Straw Hat

If you aren’t familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…. you are missing out!! Take it from a level 4 Nordstrom shopper (I know, I know, it’s a problem…) this is the best way to shop the upcoming seasons fashions. I’ve got tips and tricks to help you navigate the sale and get the most bang for your buck.

But first, I’ve been getting tons of questions about this oversized tee via an Instagram post. I’ve found it on sale for $33!!! It’s an absolute must buy. I wear it knotted on the side, tucked in on one side or even all the way down as a tunic. It’s lightweight for summer, and pretty much perfect. I also am loving this under $100 straw hat. The feather band is still neutral, but really gives it that something special. Let’s just take a minute to admire this white handbag. The embroidery is so pretty, and that guitar strap is amazing. It also comes with a plain white/chain strap you can replace it with if you choose. So so good.

Why this Sale is Different

Ok, now on to the sale. This sale is not like a typical sale where at the end of the season items that haven’t been purchased/overstock are put up at discounted prices until they sell. These are the upcoming fall season’s hottest pieces put up at majorly discounted prices. Once the sale is over, whatever is left is then marked back up to MSRP. Amazing, right?!

Important Dates/Cardholders

From July 13-20th Nordstrom cardholders can shop the sale before it opens to the public. This is important because tons of the items will sell out before the public gets access to them. I’m not a big fan of store credit cards, personally, because it makes self control a little hard. However, they have an option where you can get all the rewards and it connects directly to your debit card! I love this option. If you have better self discipline with your spending, they have credit card options too! You can sign up HERE. If you are approved for the card by JULY 9th, you receive a $20 Nordstrom note to use during the sale.

The sale will open to the public from July 21st-August 6th.

Items Sell Out….

Hot items sell out extremely quickly. A couple things you can do to make sure you secure the best deals:

  1. Apply for the card so you can shop the early access.
  2. Shop online first, and then in store. There is always a better chance of the item being available online.
  3. Buy first, return later. Ok, so I’m not a huge fan of having to return items. I’ve worked in retail and know the hassle. However, this is an exception. Nordstrom has one of the easiest and best return policies in all of retail. Go ahead and purchase the item and if you decide it wasn’t a great fit, or was an impulse decision, it is extremely easy to return. If you wait to think on it (which in most normal situations I would suggest) there is a great chance it will sell out.
  4. Restocks happen frequently. They do restock items throughout the sale, so continue to go back to if you happened to miss out on something that you really would love.

How I can Help You

I’m pretty much a complete crazy A$$ when it comes to this sale. Early Access starts during my birthday week. I take that as a sign that I’m supposed to use that opportunity to the fullest. Year after year, I do. When the sale first goes live, I spend hours and hours browsing nearly every page for the best finds. (The sale spreads from women, baby, men, home, etc.) I typically look for classics that you can get tons of use out of in each category. They always have a killer leather jacket, great designer denim deals, designer handbags at majorly discounted prices, a beauty kit, booties/boots for fall, great staple coat, etc.

I’ll also go to the store the first day and check out everything in person. Be sure to watch my Instastories to view the items. This way if you have questions about quality or something similar, I can do my best to help you out. I so look forward to this as I don’t take nearly as many styling jobs as I did before Georgie was born. It’s truly so fun for me!

Triple Point Day/Card benefits

If you decide you do not want to become a cardholder, you can still join Nordstrom Rewards. With the rewards program you will get 1 point for every $1 spent.

Cardholders rack up points quicker gaining 2 points for every $1 spent. (This applies to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club.) You get reimbursed in notes for alterations as well. Throughout the year, there are double points, and triple points days. These are great times to make larger purchases as the notes can really add up quickly!

You also get to choose a triple point day! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is absolutely the day to do that. Not only are you saving money from the discounted prices, but you also are making money from the notes to spend later. (They last a year. I typically majorly stock up during the sale, and get a ton of $20 notes. It’s hard to do, but I try to save those notes for Christmas time, and use them for gifts. Around that time, it’s always great to have that option!)

Hope this helps! If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact me HERE. Happy shopping. 🙂

P.S. Be sure to follow my Instagram for a chance to win a $100 gift card to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


Graphic Tees with Overalls (Bump Style)

graphic tees and overalls

With less than 6 weeks to go in this pregnancy, outfits are getting a little harder. BUT I’m loving graphic tees with overalls!

Graphic tee and overalls

graphic tees and overalls

graphic tees and overalls

graphic tees and overalls

Black Overalls | Exact Tom Petty Shirt | Aviators | Similar Tom Petty Tank | Similar Tom Petty Tank | Booties

With less than 6 weeks to go in this pregnancy, outfits are getting a little harder. BUT I’m loving graphic tees with overalls! Yes, you can totally rock overalls pregnant! These are not “maternity” so I had to leave the one strap down to be able to fit in them right. Ha! They do make maternity overalls that have extra space in the bump area, if you are more comfortable with that.

I loved that these overalls were black denim, distressed and under $60. Win-win-win! I paired them with a graphic tee, because let’s be real, when don’t I pair things with graphic tees? I also love these boots for summer. The cut outs make them more breathable for the hotter temperatures and they are flat. Flat and 8 months pregnant go together much better than heels these days.

We just got back from Santa Barbara for Trey’s brother’s wedding. It was such an amazing weekend celebrating! I will be sure to share lots of pictures from our trip. (Georgie was in the wedding, and his little outfit is just too cute!)

This pregnancy is nearing a close and I am feeling alllll the feels. I’m anxious to meet him, and see if he looks like Georgie, or favors Trey this time. I’m nervous to have two babies under a year and a half. We truly just aren’t as prepared as we were with G, but I’m really working on fixing that. The nesting has started to really take place here lately, and I’m hoping it will get my booty in gear. I’m also excited to share the name! It has been a secret thus far, and I’m ready to let everyone in on that secret!

How do ya’ll feel about keeping the name a secret? Curious to how other people have handled that!


Fringe on fringe on fringe







Booties | Fringe dress | Fringe Bag

The baby bump at 351/2 weeks is in full force so I LOVED finding this strechy fringe dress on sale for $30! (It was $175!!!!!) I got the small to accomade the bump, if I wasn’t pregnant I would get the XS. It has lots of strech to it. Whenever I found this I scoured for some other little black dresses with a little something extra for under $50. I ordered three. Whoops! I found a lace with a lace up little black dress that I just couldn’t resist. I’ll save that one for after baby… I also loved the interesting sleeve detail on this $25 dollar dress. I can’t turn down a lace up dress these days. When it is $22… there was just no chance of passing up.  You can find another great fringe option here.

These booties are perfect for summer with the cut outs on the side. They are under $100 and come in 3 other colors as well. I loved this grey color  with distressed toe for spring/summer.

I have been eyeing this leather fringe bag for quite some time now. It’s been a hot ticket item with celebs like Kendall Jenner, Fergie, Megan Fox, and Kris Jenner for some time now and I know why!  It’s so well made and the leather is so soft. I have a tendancy to put everything under the sun in my purse, so the jumbo size works perfect. It also comes in a regular and a mini. It’s perfect for the upcoming festival season! It’s great that you can wear as a crossbody too. It felt like Christmas the day this beauty came in the mail!





ACM Awards-Vegas Trip




I had to wait till the last minute to book my flight out to Vegas since I wanted to make sure and get the doctors approval before I went. However, all the quick direct flights were snatched up! I knew I was going to have a long day ahead and went for comfort in my favorite travel sweatshirt. (I sized up for the bump….) The necklace is by a designer I have become obsessed with, Sarah Briggs. You can shop her handmade jewelry here.


The ACM dress inspiration came from Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower dress. She wore a white Kym Ellery dress with huge bell sleeves….and a $1,650 price tag. I found a similiar look with a Black Halo dress. It has sold out, but I’ve found some great alternatives. This lace up version is a stunner, and this one has some great detailing! I paired the dress with my classic Christian Louboutin nude pumps.






Everyday Go To’s (Bump Version)






The ACM awards are this weekend, so I have been running around getting last minute things for  clients (and attempting to find a dress for myself that can fit this bump!). On these long days, comfort is key! I switch it up slightly from day to day, but there are a few basic pieces I rely on. (Psst, none of them are maternity!) I start pretty much every outfit with one of these camis. I have the nude and the black. I bought these pre-pregnancy, but they are nylon and spandex and have plenty of extra stretch.  I’m still rockin’ my same size. Bump or no bump, these are  the best basic pieces I own! I then layer that with a loose sweater or a button down worn open. (Again, these are the same size I wore pre-pregnancy.) You can wear them buttoned up when non pregnant, and I wear them open, or tied around my waist, currently. The one I have on you can find here, but I also found one by the same designer, with a similar print, that’s on sale here. Throw on some tinted moisturizer and my go to lip pencil and I’m out the door. I’ve found when life is hectic, simple fashion is best! I leave for Vegas in just a few short days and can’t wait to share all the fun stuff I have up my sleeve. 😉




Easter Dress






Lace Bell Sleeve Dress | Booties

After a wonderful mountain trip with my husband’s family, I’m back in sunny Nashville and prepping for my family to come down for Easter. I found this beautiful blue dress to wear for Easter Sunday, and I just love it! Revolve Clothing for the win, again! It’s currently on sale for under $70 in the blue color. It also comes in blush and wine. I ordered a size small, (I’m normally an XS when not pregnant in this brand) and it managed to fit over my 8 month baby bump. It’s shift style so it should work post baby too. (I always try to find things I can wear post baby as well.)

We had such an amazing trip in Colorado. We had a big house with plenty of room for us all to stay under the same roof, and cook dinners on our own some nights too. I did miss partaking in the skiing, hot tubing, and wine drinking that I would normally enjoy not pregnant. However, it was great R&R. I always say I like breathing in the air up there. It’s just so clean and there’s something majestic in the mountains. Tip for any pregnant ladies traveling to high altitudes….drink PLENTY of water!

Getting back from Denver after they had the biggest blizzard in 10 years proved to be a bit of a challenge, but after several hours and delays we made it back to sunny Nashville.

I’ll be prepping for my parents arrival and working on some baby prep. (Time is really ticking these days!) Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and gets to spend some QT with their loved ones.




Busy, busy, busy!





Printed Jogger | Leather Sneaker | Similar Leather Jacket

This has been quite the busy week for this ole pregnant lady! Had so much fun doing the wardrobe for Drake White’s new music video, Livin’ the Dream, and started ACM fittings for some lovely ladies. Amuse Society has been my saving grace for comfortable clothing I can wear during pregnancy,, but also re-wear after. These printed jogger pants are so comfortable for these long days I’ve been having. Today, I’m bumpin’ right along to my friend and fellow blogger, Mallory Ervin’s event at H Audrey. She’s showcasing the new spring Jennifer Haley bags. I’m so excited to check them all out! Ya’ll will love them! Trey and I went to our baby doc appointment yesterday. They started measuring our little one, and it seems time is flying by faster than ever before!




Life Update









Hope everyone is having an awesome week so. It’s really flown by for me! One of my favorite hats I wear, is stylist. March is always a busy time for this! With ACM’s the first weekend of April, I’ve been working on finding some extra special threads for the artists Brit and I will be styling for the red carpet. In addition, we are shooting a music video for Drake White’s new single, “Livin the Dream.” We have been running around town looking for some perfect boho pieces for the shoot. (I’ll make sure to get some good behind the scene shots for ya’ll!)

On top of styling, I’ve been in full on nesting mode! With the baby shower coming up this weekend, I needed to organize and clear out the nursery closet and make room for Baby W’s sweet new things. Any other (not normally overly organized) mamas out there that can’t stop finding organization projects?! Something about it seems to help my baby anxiety.

AND.. on top of all that I’ve been heading to my doctor’s office more than normal. I didn’t pass the first diabetes test, so I had to go back for the long version of the test.  You fast, drink a horrible glucose drink, and then have blood drawn every hour, on the hour, for 4 hours. Not pleasant. Lucky for me, Trey was able to come with me and keep me company. It gave me some time to catch up on my baby books too.

With all the craziness going on, I’ve been rocking comfy dresses and booties, whenever the weather is permitting. I don’t like anything too tight around my belly for long periods of time. I discovered Amuse Society  on  Revolve Clothing and it has been my pregnancy go to brand. The clothing is pretty inexpensive. (Score!)  I have been able to find lots of great pieces that I can transition from pregnancy, to postpartum, and  (hopefully) back to my normal weight. The floral print is great for spring transition and I love the 70’s vibe. I threw on a leather jacket with it when it got a little chilly, but the back of this dress is so cute with it off.



Dress | Leather Jacket (similar)  | Booties (On Sale!)  | Panama Hat


Blue Suede….Jacket







I have been in full on “nesting” mode here lately. My mom, sister, and childhood best friend are graciously throwing me a shower this coming weekend, so I wanted to make sure everything was ready to prep before we head up to St.Louis for that! This Blue suede jacket was love at first sight!  It’s the perfect piece to brighten up the winter wardrobe and transition into spring. It made it easy to throw on and head out to run errands with Trey. SHOPBOP is having their BIG tier sale, perfect time to scoop up this jacket and save a few bucks on it. 😉  Most of the weekend was spent organizing, grocery shopping, and searching for baby gear. Luckily, our Nordstrom has a great baby section! We were even able to stop in at a 4D ultrasound clinic to check in with our little guy. It really puts things in perspective when I’m feeling all of the typical third trimester uncomfortable feels. Hope everyone had a happy weekend!



Blue Suede Jacket | Scarf | Shoes | Sunglasses | Black Distressed Denim