5 Ways To Be More Present With Your Kids

5 ways to be more present with your kids

5 Ways To Be More Present With Your Kids

5 Ways To Be More Present With Your Kids

5 Ways To Be Present With Your Kids

5 Ways To Be More Present with your kids

5 Ways To Be More Present with your kids

We are in a day filled with screens and lacking personal interactions. The repercussions this is having on our children is HUGE, but there are ways to combat it!

I was chatting the other night with a friend how we want to be intentional about our time with our kids. Now when you are a stay at home (and working!) mom… that’s a lot of time. No matter how much physical time you spend with your kids, quality is the key.

Showing them that you are present, listening and care can totally shape who they become.

The book, Hands Free Mama made a huge impression on the way I think about my time with my kids. All mamas…. run and order this book!

5 Ways To Be More Present With Your Kids

  1. Wake Up Earlier.– Don’t hate me already on option 1. I’m not perfect at this one and it sure isn’t easy when the boys wake up at 6 am, but it makes a huge difference in your day. You can finish some small tasks before they wake up, set intentions for the day, work out, etc. When you spend a few minutes to yourself in the morning it helps to be more patient and present throughout the rest of your day.
  2. Be where your feet are.-  This piece of advice came from Christy Wright at her business boutique workshop and couldn’t be anymore helpful. When you are working, be there. Put your heart into and chase your dreams. When you are with your kids, be there. Don’t be thinking about e-mails that need returned or check marks needed on a to- do list.
  3.  Stop going through the motions. – Motherhood is exhausting. Plain and simple. It can be so hard to get caught up in dishes, diapers, laundry and tantrums. Making a mindful attempt to realize that these days are numbered and really diving into the sweet moments is so important. Your kids can feel when you are half listening and they care.
  4. Set a block timer for play. This sounds silly, but ever since I started doing we have had so many special moments. Put your phone away and get on the floor until the timer goes off. They will be the precious moments you will remember the most. (I also use this for work. Productivity will sky rocket.)
  5. Spend one-on-one time with each child. This makes them feel special and cared for. It also to help know what is really going on with them in their little minds. It’s amazing what they will tell you when they feel safe.

Whenever I stop and think about how fleeting these sweet moments are where we are our child’s whole world it seems silly to even THINK about wasting them on our phone. Will we remember laughing at a meme on IG or the sound of them laughing? Motherhood is hard, but so worth it. We should all strive to be exceptional and raise exceptional kids. Imagine a world like that?!


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