Tips For The Working Stay At Home Mom

stay at home working mom

Tips For The Working Stay At Home Mom

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There is this new influx of mamas who are choosing to stay at home with their children, but also have a side hustle or a full on business they are running as well.

I call it “Mama 2.0”. Let’s be real, ALL MOMS ARE WORKING MOMS. Whether it’s going to an office everyday or staying home full time, we are all working our booties off and doing our best.

However, I have noticed so many of us wanting to have the best of both worlds. Let me tell you first hand, YOU CAN! BUT… it is not easy. It’s a ton of work. It takes a ton of organization and sacrifice. It’s also incredibly rewarding and it feels pretty badass to run a business with a baby on each hip.

I’ve had my ups and downs struggling with balancing this, but there are certain things I’ve learned that can completely make it more “doable.”

Tips For The Working Stay At Home Mom

  • Wake Up Earlier.  Ok, I know this is not the easiest to put into action. It makes the biggest difference. Truthfully, lots of days I just don’t feel up to it. When I don’t, I struggle the rest of the day to make it all work.
    • Bonus points: Go for a run or workout right in the morning. Spend some time with a gratitude journal. Take a few minutes to yourself to best suit up for your day. It helps to start on a positive note, and you will notice a difference with your patience throughout the day.


  • Stick To A Strict Nap Schedule . We typically live a loose schedule type of lifestyle. We travel a lot, and want our kids to be very “go with the flow.” However, on days when I’m working for home I’m a stickler to the nap schedule. They know when it’s nap time, and I put them both down at the same time for a set amount of time. When you become a mama you instantly become 10x more productive. You can get SO MUCH DONE in a two hour nap period.
    • Prepare what you plan to accomplish during nap time ahead of time. The night before I’ll jot a quick list of my phone of what I need to do during nap time.


  • Give Up Your Night TV Time At least 3 Days A Week. Once the kids go to bed, I get to work. This is the part where sacrifice comes in. It becomes part of your daily habit to get to work after the kids go to bed. So many people can’t believe that this is an option, but it actually feels great! We have a few shows we watch each week, but don’t spend time just flipping channels. That’s prime work time.


  • When You Are With Your Kids, Be Present With Them. This is a hard one, but important to remember. It’s not beneficial to your children to stay home with them if you are not being present with them. It’s frustrating for both you and them to try to be sending off contracts or emails while playing dinosaurs. It’s not fair to anyone involved.


  • Use a Block Timer. These are a lifesaver for productivity. Set the timer for say, 15 minutes. Then for that set time only do one task. Don’t pick up your phone or try any other tasks within that set time. It’s a total game changer! You can shop this one from Amazon HERE.


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    Lindsay Cottrill
    August 3, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    These are GREAT tips and reminders!! We’re all working moms and sometimes it’s nice to read helpful tips to refresh your mind and schedule. Thanks for sharing Ashley!

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