Beach Bumpin’




One of the band’s my husband manages heads out every year on a cruise. They play some shows on the boat and everyone brings their family, as a big band family reunion. This year they partnered with Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country for the Outlaw Country cruise. Being pregnant it was a little tamer then the past ships we’ve sailed away on, but it was great to see everyone and get some R&R none the less! We came back to snow on the ground in Nashville,which really makes me appreciate the sunshine I was able to soak up in Grand Cayman. We had a quick turn around time on our flight back, so I packed everything into a carry on. Pretty proud of myself for that one! I have learned over time to keep it simple when packing. Especially when heading somewhere warm! I found this longhorn swimsuit and absolutely had to have it! I swear by scarves as cover ups. They are light and don’t take up much room while packing, and you can get creative and tie them up many ways. Theodora & Callum has always been my go to for their amazing prints! I’m sure ready for sunshine after that. Who’s with me?!



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