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clear the clutter checklist

clear the clutter checklistClear The Clutter : The Ultimate Checklist To Declutter Your Home, Body & Mind & Focus On Your Goals in 2019

Clearing The Clutter: Home 

One thing that is great about the New Year is the feeling of a fresh start. A clean slate. I love goal setting, aspirational thinking, clearing the negatives and reflecting on the positives of the past year.

How many times have you set New Year’s Resolutions only for them to not be achieved?

You are not alone. So few of us actually keep those promises of change that we make to ourselves. It IS possible to make positive changes in your life, but it doesn’t happen by just throwing a resolution out there.

I highly suggest writing down your goals, crafting vision boards, telling your friends and asking them to hold you accountable, etc. (Lots more on that to come..) Until then, you can read my 2018 New Year’s post about living a more intentional life, HERE.

BEFORE you jump the gun on the goal setting, set yourself up for success. The simplest way is to “clear the clutter.” By “clutter” I mean physical clutter, mental clutter, anything that is clouding your thoughts, productivity and space.

I’ve crafted a few checklists that you can print out and work through during the month of January. It is the easiest way to physically clear your surroundings, body and mind to start the New Year with a bang.

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, I highly recommend looking into the KonMari method. She’s also got a show “Tidying Up” coming to Netflix January 1st. WHOOP!

In a nutshell, her theory is to remove everything that doesn’t bring you joy. She shares so many decluttering tips and her theories are incredible. You can grab her book HERE.

Purging excess items in your home will remove stress, simplify your day to day life and create a clean and clear space to focus your energy on your 2019 goals.

Want to know some other benefits that it will bring? You can check out this awesome article about 9 ways it will change your life for the better HERE.

Things To Know When Decluttering Your Home


  • Have three bins handy. One for trash, sell and donate.  An easy place to sell your clothes is on Poshmark.
  • If the item is stained, has pilling, fading, or is ill fitting get rid of it.
  • If the item hasn’t fit you in 6 months or more (not applicable to new moms..) toss it.
  • If you haven’t worn the item in 6 months… you probably won’t.
  • Ask yourself, “Would I buy this now?” If not, it’s time to go.
  • Try to stick to a one item in, one item out philosophy once you’ve cleaned it out!


Makeup doesn’t come with expiration dates (typically.) That doesn’t mean it’s good forever! General rules of thumb on when to toss makeup.

  • Foundation is 6 months. Powder is 2 years.
  • Mascara and eyeliner (once opened) is 3 months.
  • Lipsticks and lipgloss is 2 years.

After trying several different makeup organizers, I’ve finally found a great one! It’s acrylic, has tons of different storage (including spots for brushes on top) and is under $50. You can shop that one HERE.

Misc. Items

A few things that most people hold on to that should be tossed…

  • Instruction Manuals (They can always be found online…)
  • Single Socks
  • Old Business Cards
  • Old Phone Charges
  • Old bills/receipts (You can scan into the DocuScan app if you are worried about having them for something)
  • Anything that doesn’t belong to you.. (borrowed clothes, pans, etc. Return it!)


I teamed up with A Well Organized Home awhile back to organize our pantry. It’s been easy to maintain and is simple to do. You can find that post HERE.

Best Organizational Items & Books

Clearing The Clutter: Body

I personally do not fall for fad diets, being a slave to the scale or having “losing weight” as a New Year’s resolution. You can read why in my last post HERE.

Everyone should set realistic healthy living goals when it comes to their body/health that are catered to their own needs.

However, I’ve got ya covered on a few things you can do to “declutter” your body. AKA detox from your home.

Goals are easiest when there is a set time from so I did this one for the month of January.


One of the easiest ways to be healthier is simply increasing your water intake. General rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces a day.

If you want an easy list to check off that you are doing that you can find it HERE.


When it comes to natural products, an easy way to start is with a natural (aluminum free) deodorant. You can read why and allll about that HERE. I personally like the brand Native. You can find it HERE.

Clean Eating

30 days of clean eating will do wonders on detoxing your body. While I’m not a fan of “diets” it is important to put lots of fruits, veggies, lean proteins into your body and avoid preservatives as much as possible.


A body in motion stays in motion. Just get it moving. It’s that simple. For some, this may be a no brainer, but if you haven’t been doing anything then start simple. 20 minutes a day of just walking, if nothing else, will make your body feel better. (Also, the effects exercise has on your mind is amazing!)


Simply taking a probiotic, vitamins, etc. You will really notice a difference when your body is functioning at it’s best.

Clear The Clutter: Mind

Allowing yourself a few minutes of alone time each day to really think, meditate, or whatever it is you need to do to clear your head is SO beneficial.

Spend a few minutes writing down your thoughts from 2018. Reflecting is the best way to grow and also the best way to move past any grievances that have been weighing you down.

The best thing I have found to really clear my head and think in the most positive way, is to write down what I am grateful for each day. It keeps your head in a positive space. The Five-Minute Journal is the absolute simplest way to do that. It’s the best $20 I’ve ever spent on myself, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

I promise you that it will feel so good to declutter. Once you’ve cleaned out, then shift your focus to your goals. Let’s get started together! You can download and print the Clear The Clutter Checklist below:

Clear The Clutter Checklist

Clear The Clutter Checklist – Body




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